10 Best Anime Like Tenpuru (Temple) to watch

Anime Like Tenpuru

If you love the anime TenPuru and want to find more Anime like Tenpuru then you have visited the right place. We all love watching Romance and Harem anime but finding good anime similar to one we love might be time-consuming, so we have created a list of 10 Anime similar to Tenpuru and will recommend reading the story.

List of Anime Similar to TenPuru/Temple 

The Ranking has nothing to do with storyline and worthiness, Consider checking every Anime to find the best one that suits your taste.

1. Granblue Fantasy The Animation

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

A boy named Gran was born in the unrestricted island of Zanq Tinzel. He dreamed of flying in the great sky and he was training hard every day with his mate Bee. A roaring sound suddenly rumbles on the peaceful island where the Grans live.

They see the sight of a cruiser floating in the sky and the light emanating from it, They turn their heads in the direction of the sound, Aiming for the direction where the light fell, there they meet a mysterious girl with blue hair. Her name is Lyria.

Due to certain circumstances, she was being chased by the military state, of Erste Empire. Joining up with Catalina, a knight who rebels against the merge to cover her Lyria, Gran levies to help them escape from the island.

2. One Week Friend

Anime Like TenPuru

The main character, Yuki Hase, falls in love at first sight with his classmate, Kaori Fujimiya, and tries to approach her. She didn’t have any friends and pretended not to make any, so she was by herself in class.

The reason was that “after a week, my memory with my friends will disappear”. I try to find ways to continue my friendship with her and expand the circle of friendship throughout the class.

At the time when her memory was about to settle, she was involved in a certain incident and lost even a faint memory of her past.
What can I say to her… be my friend. That was all.

3. From 5 to 9/ 5ji Kara 9ji Made

5ji Kara 9ji Made

Only Korean Drama And Manga Available

Junko Sakuraba is an English schoolteacher who dreams of living like a foreign drama. After her 27th birthday, she was attracted by men one after another, but among them, she had a relationship with Takane Hoshikawa whom she hated. Junko, who dreams of perfecting her work chops and living abroad can not accept that she’ll marry Hoshikawa.

Junko’s friend Momoe Yamaguchi is troubled by the fact that she has a boyfriend. However, Masako Mouri, a secretary at an English academy, wished to wed a decent man as quickly as possible.

Masako was aiming for Satoshi Mishima, who’s Junko’s manly friend as her marriage mate. On the other hand, Hachiya’s friend Yuki Satonaka is a high academy pupil and he fell in love with Junko at first sight and entered an English academy but Junko was courted by seductive adult men.

There was no chance to take advantage of Yuki. In discrepancy to her confident Junko, her youngish family Nene, who’s reserved and negative, is attracted to Yuki, who suffers from unrequited love for her aged family.

4. Ah My Buddha!!

Ah My Buddha - Anime like Temple

Ikkou Satonaka is a Buddhist monk in training. His parents transferred him to his priestess grandmother at the Saienji Tabernacle to find some vocation.

Naturally, he isn’t all that great at mother to the faithful, and chanting the sutras. It isn’t made any easier as he has to partake in a roof with six trainee nuns, Chitose, Haruka, Hinata, Sumi, Yuko, and Sakura. As a trainee monk, He is summoned to execute exorcisms and deal with demons and evil spirits.

You’d suppose that such a trivial monk would be ill-suited to such a high calling, but Ikkou has a secret power that lets him deal with similar apparitions, a power that’s awakened when he reaches sexual climax. Fortunately for him, working with six youthful trainee nuns offers him the addict service that awakens his powers.

Oh My Buddha has similar to Anime Like TenPuru so you can give it a try

5. Rent a Girlfriend

Anime Like Rent a girlfriend

The main character, Kazuya, has been a dull protagonist for 20 years without a girlfriend. After entering her university, she got dumped in just one month, even though she got her first girlfriend in her life. To fill her loneliness, she applies for a “rental girlfriend” where she can date girls she doesn’t know.

A bus is determined to come! Kazuya thought that, but the person who came to the meeting place was the ideal girlfriend, who was brave and pretty. Although he knows that her kindness is due to her work, he can’t control her love for Chizuru. However, one day on a date, she meets her ex-girlfriend, Mami-chan, and her love plunges into an unexpected love triangle.

6. Nisekoi

Nisekoi - Tenpuru

Raku Ichijou is the son of a leader Yakuza body Shuei- gumi and Chitoge Kirisaki is the son of a master in a rival gang known as Beehive. The two match when Chitoge accidentally knees Raku in the face.

Raku knew that Chitoge was the newly transferred pupil in his class, and he forced her to help him look for his charm, which he lost during the fight. During the fight, they begin to dislike each other. Their fathers decide to settle their feud by pairing their children together.

Raku and Chitoge are forced to pretend to be in a relationship in order to maintain peace between the gangs. Not only do they hate one another, but Raku also harbors feelings for Kosaki Onodera, a different classmate, which makes this a difficult task.

In the end, Raku and Chitoge ultimately fall in love, but the road to their happy ending isn’t easy. Nisekoi is a funny and gladdening story about love, fellowship, and family.

7. To Love Ru

Anime like Temple - To Love Ru

Rito Yuuki is a high academy pupil who can’t confess his love to the girl of his dreams, Haruna Sairenji. One day when pouting in the bathtub, a mysterious, naked devil-tagged girl appears out. Her name is Lala Satalin Deviluke, the raw crown queen of the earth Deviluke.

Her father wants her to return home to marry one of her marriage contenders. When the Devilukean commander Zastin arrives to fetch her home, she quickly declares that she will marry Rito in order to stay on Earth.

Rito is firstly reticent to marry Lala, but he eventually agrees to help her. Their relationship is complicated by the appearance of other alien girls who are also attracted to Rito.

The story follows Rito as he tries to navigate his newfound stew of alien girls, while also trying to keep his relationship with Haruna a secret. Along the way, he learns further about the creation and himself and eventually comes to terms with his heartstrings for Lala.

The To Love Ru anime series has been praised for its humor, action, and addictive service.

8. We Never Learn

We Never Learn

Nariyuki Yuiga is a high school student who’s offered an education at his dream university if he can tutor three womanish geniuses in different subjects.

1. Fumino Furuhashi is a genius in literature, but horrible at mathematics. 2. Rizu Ogata is a genius in mathematics, but terrible at literature. 3. Uruka Takemoto is a genius on the athletic field, but dreadful at all other subjects.

As the girls work with Nariyuki to achieve their academic pretensions, they must also deal with their growing passions for him. This story is a mix of comedy, love, and slice-of-life, and it has been praised for its humor, relatable characters, and agreeing moments.

This story depicts a group of scholars who are trying to achieve their dreams, both academically and romantically.

9. NouCome

NouCome - Anime

One day, Kanade made a wish that to fall a mysterious beautiful girl from the sky. The girl, Chocolat, reveals that she was transferred from the God World to help Kanade in completing a series of operations given to him directly by God himself.

After completing these operations, the” Absolute Choices” curse will be lifted from Kanade; but should he fail to complete any of the operations and he’ll be stuck with the curse forever.

Kanade is reticent to accept Chocolat’s help, but he soon realizes that he needs her if he wants to have any chance of completing the operations. Together, they embark on a ridiculous and gladdening trip to break the curse and eventually live a normal life.

Noucome is a stew anime, so there are a number of other girls who are interested in Kanade. This story is on Kanade and Chocolat’s relationship. Chocolat is a kind and understanding girl who’s always there for Kanade, indeed when he’s at his worst.

She gives him the strength to keep fighting and aids in his ability to learn to accept himself and his curse.

10. Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory( Megami-Ryou no Ryobo- kun) is about a 12-year-old boy named Koushi Nagumo who’s homeless and poor after his father abandons him and their house burns down.

He collapses on the road, but is set up by an eccentric woman named Mineru Wachi, who takes him to the womanish dormitory” Megami- Ryou.” Mineru, who happens to be the temporary director, invites Koushi to come to Megami- ryou’s sanctioned dormitory mama.

Koushi is unintentional at first but agrees after learning that he will be paid a monthly payment. He soon finds himself girdled by the dorm’s dwellers, each with their own wacky shenanigans. Atena Saotome is a beautiful and intelligent woman who is also extremely hysterical about men.

Kiriya Senshou is a mannish girl who is more interested in sports than boys. Despite the challenges, Koushi does his wish to fulfill the duties of his new job. He culinarians, cleans, and takes care of the girls, even when they are being delicate. He also helps them with their studies and particular problems.

My first recommendation if you want to watch an Anime Like TenPuru, Really a good anime with an Uncenser version too.

Where to Watch Anime Like TenPuru

Most of the mentioned Anime are Available on Crunchyroll and Funimation, There are even more websites that stream mentioned Anime so in case of any query you can comment below and we will help you provide the Anime.

So hereby we have shared a complete list of all best anime like TenPuru/Temple and where to watch them. Visit our Recommendation section for more.

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