13 Similar Anime Like Liar Liar (S-Tier Anime)

Similar anime like liar liar

According to MyAnimeList, Liar Liar is the 39th top-rated anime of summer 2023. It is an adaptation of an ongoing light novel by Konomi (Art) and Kuou Haruki (Story). Liar Liar is produced by the anime studio Geek Toys which is also known for creating anime such as Plunderer, Date a Live, and Ningen Fushin.

The story of Liar Liar follows the protagonist Hiroto Shinohara getting transferred to Academy Island and lying his way up to earn the rank of ‘Seven Star.’ This anime is mixed with mind games and psychological thriller. Though it received mixed reviews and plot and placement, overall this anime has become a huge success of this season.

So if you want to watch more anime like Liar Liar, you are in the right place. So let’s take a look at 13 anime that are similar to Liar Liar.

13. Special A

MAL Rating: 7.5

Hakusenkan High School has a special section for seven students who are only the best of the best. Hikari is a very competitive girl who excels at everything she takes part in. But in her life, she could never beat Kei, her eternal river, not even once. Throughout their daily life, these seven students partake in various sports and competitions just to prove who is better than the other.

Special A is a high school rom-com with plenty of classroom drama that will remind you of Liar Liar.

12. Assassination Classroom

MAL Rating: 8.09 (season 1)

I think we are all familiar with Koro-sensei more or less, that giant yellow octopus-looking teacher who is on a mission to destroy the earth shortly after successfully destroying the moon.

Section 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School has always been looked down on by other students and teachers of the school for being dropouts, failures, or delinquents. When this class of failures is assigned to kill Koro-sensei who was also appointed as their home-room teacher, things are going to get very interesting.

11. Sky Wizards Academy

MAL Rating: 6.32

The story of Sky Wizard Academy is set in a universe where the human race had to flee into space to escape from magic insect attacks. The sky wizards are warriors who fight these insects using magic and they are working hard every day to make earth their home again.

The main protagonist of Sky Wizard Academy is Kanata Age who used to be a fierce warrior in the past but now he trains newcomers who aim to be Sky Wizards. Like the protagonist of Liar Liar, Kanata also has a secret that he can not risk letting out.

10. Another

MAL Rating: 7.5

Every school has its own ghost story, right? But the school Kouichi goes to has a scary one, and most importantly the class he would be attending has a gory history. Every year, the students of class 3-3 have to treat one of its students like he/she does not exist. Even teachers follow this rule. Well, if they don’t, one by one they will all be dead.

Another is a mystery horror anime that will get you hooked till the end and trust me you will never see it coming.

9. Mashle: Magic and Muscles

MAL Rating: 7.56

In a world full of wizards and witches, Mash was born with no magical power at all. But to save his foster father, Mash not only had to join the Easton Magic Academy, but he also needs to win all the gold and silver coins to become the Divine Visionary. With a few good friends on his side and the extraordinary physical strength he has, Mash has to fool his way through the academy conning as a magic-user to achieve his goals.

Mashle is highly recommended if you are looking for anime like Liar Liar. Season two of Mashle will be airing in January 2024.

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama love is War

MAL Rating: 8.41 (season 1)

Miyuki, the student council president, and Kaguya, the vice president are deeply in love with each other. But because of their ego, none of them want to confess. This anime is full of crazy and funny mind games between Miyuki and Kaguya to make the other one confess first to win the game of love.

Kaguya-sama shares the same director as Oshi no Ko. The voice cast is amazing and you are bound to have a good time watching this anime.

7. Code Geass

Code Geass - Anime similar to liar liar

MAL Rating: 8.71 (season 1)

Currently the 54th all-time top-rated anime in MAL, Code Geass is a genre-defining anime when it comes to the psychological mind-game genre.

Code Geass is set in a universe where an Empire named Brittania has taken over Japan and now it is called Sector 11. People of sector 11 now lead a very miserable life being oppressed by the Britannian government. Lelouch is a high school boy who stumbles into a mysterious girl named C.C. who gives him a mysterious power to manipulate a person’s actions. Using his newly achieved power called the Geass and his brilliant mind, Lelouch will start a revolution that no one can predict.

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6. The Irregular at Magic High School

Irregular at Magic High School

MAL Rating: 7.4 (season 1)

In First High School where magic is taught as a technical part of life, students are divided into two categories— weed and bloom. Weeds are those who have weak magical power and I think you can guess who Blooms are. Tatsuya and Miyuki are siblings where the first one is a weed and the later one is a bloom. Together with their unique abilities and interests, they overcome various challenges and solve mysterious events happening inside the school.

The comedy bits of The Irregular at Magic High School are top notch and this anime has a total of three seasons by far.

5. Kakegurui


MAL Rating: 7.24 

A school that teaches gambling, how does it sound? As a school for rich kids, Hyakkaou Private Academy provides the best quality education. But as soon as the sun goes down, the school becomes a training center for gambling and manipulating people.

Yumeko Jabami may look naive but she is the farthest thing from being one. Her gambling passion for thrill is so dangerous that it even threatens the school authority.

With amazing character design and a good story pacing Kakegurui is an anime filled with suspense and violence. If you want to watch an anime with psychological games like Liar Liar, Kakegurui must be on your list.

4. Darwin’s Game

MAL Rating: 7.23

When Kaname opened the game app named Darwin’s Game after getting an invitation from one of his classmates, it looked like an ordinary gaming app. Until a snake came out of the screen and made him faint. The second time he opened the game, his opponent appeared in front of him in body to hunt him down. Soon, Darwin’s Game turned into a game of life and death and only the fittest will survive.

Darwin’s Game will give you an adrenaline-fueled experience with a combination of hardcore action and suspense.

3. Classroom of the Elite

MAL Rating: 7.86 (season 1) 

Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is an institute run by the government. We all have to agree that this school runs a little differently than any other school. Every student gets a monthly allowance based on their monthly grades. If one fails in class he/she will not get any money that month, and if they continue failing, rustication is unavoidable.

When Kiyotaka joined the school, he did not have any aim to be a good student. Being in the worst class ever, looking around he finally shook off his careless self and decided to climb the top using his talent and manipulation skills.

2. No Game No Life

Anime Like Liar Liar

MAL Rating: 8.08 (season 1)

In another Universe called Disboard overseen by the god Tet, 16 dominating races rule the planets and humans are at the bottom of the food chain.

In the real world, two siblings, Sora and Shiro, who all day play video games are suddenly transferred to Disboard by Tet to save the human race from its misery. Since in Disboard, everything is decided by simple games, who else can play them better than those two?

Along with Liar Liar, No Game No Life will also give you a Lord of the Rings vibe.

1. Tomodachi Game

MAL Rating: 7.72

The theme of Tomodachi Game is extremely similar to Squid Game. Katagiri has four best friends who are inseparable. But the class trip money that was collected from the students gets stolen from one of them, they begin to distance themselves to cope with the stress. Then one unfortunate day, attacked by an unknown entity they discover themselves in a locked room with a sadistic looking doll named Manabe. Manabe offers to pay off their debt in exchange for their participation in a game, a game that will push them to their limits and question their sanity and friendship.

We have shared the best list of Anime like Liar Liar, and if you are looking for more anime names then comment below and I will provide you with more names.

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