15 Similar Manga like Kagura Bachi

Similar manga like kagura bachi

Kagurabachi is one of the latest manga serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump. The first chapter was released on 19th September this year. It is a supernatural manga with a lot of sword fights. Young Chihiro is the son of a swordsmith. He aspires to be one too one day. During a fight with a dangerous Yakuza group, Chihiro achieves some unique supernatural abilities. When his body and sword are soaked in the revenge of his father’s blood, good days are soon to be over.

The main theme of Kagurabochi is supernatural abilities, sword fighting, revenge, and father-son relationship. Considering these factors, we have made a list of 15 manga (both popular and underdog ones) that will be up to your liking if you are looking for manga like Kagurabachi. Enjoy!

List of Manga Similar to Kagura Bachi

check the synopsis of every mentioned manga and select the best manga suits your taste & enjoy the same vibe as Kagura Bachi manga.

15. Mononote: An Edo Era Ninja Scroll

Mononote - Manga like kagura bachi

Status: Complete (3 Volumes, 25 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 6.88

Mononote: An Edo Era Ninja Scroll is created by the same mangaka as Rent-e Girlfriend, Reiji Miyajima. The protagonist of this manga, Hitasura, is a lone ninja whose hands were sewn altered. This means his left hand was sewn to his right wrist, thumbs down, and vice versa.

Despite such a cruel act, it has granted Hitatsura some very special advantage. For example, it has made his movements very unpredictable.

For such a dark setting, Mononote is a very comedic read you can finish in a day.

14. Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem

Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem

Status: Complete (36 Volumes, 165 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 7.09

Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem, also known as The Shinsengumi, is a manga with an embedded narrative. The manga is set in the early 1910s but the story within the story, which is the main story, takes place in the late 1850s.

When a young tenacious woman forces Hijikata Toshizou to tell her the story of the great Demon of the Shinsengumi, it takes Toshizou back to the year of 1859, when he meets the protagonist Kondo Isami.

13. Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

Joujuu Senjin Mushibugyo

Status: Complete (32 Volumes, 316 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 7.46

In the fictional world of Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo, giant insects are causing havoc in the Edo period. For this purpose only, the government created an insect control corp and Jinbe wants to be a member of it to be a part of the insect extermination group.

After saving a young girl from a giant bug, Jinbe’s membership in the corp becomes permanent. Now the real question is can he keep up with the upcoming challenges?

Looking for manga similar to Kagura Bachi with many chapters to binge read then consider reading Joujuu Senjin.

12. Claymore

Claymore manga

Status: Complete (27 Volumes, 159 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.30

Claymore is a very rare type of manga (like a shiny or legendary Pokemon) because it is a shounen manga with a female protagonist. Now, how many such manga or anime have you heard of?

Claymore is set in a fictional world where shapeshifting cannibal monsters called Yoma haunt and eat innocent people. Claymore is a group of half-Yoma half-human beings who are given the burden of saving mass people from the hands of Yoma.

11. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Status: Complete (25 Volumes, 228 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 7.96

Nura Rikou is a third-generation Youkai with only one-fourth of demon blood. He can only act as a full Youkai when the sun is out. He is also expected to be the next head of the Nura Yakuza clan, leader of the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons.

Burdened by great expectations, dirty politics, and constant threats from evil Youkai groups, Nura Rikou must deal with every challenge along with honing his skills to save his clan and humans around him.

10. Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill

Status: Complete: (15 Volumes, 80 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 7.83

After losing his best friends and witnessing the cruelty of the upper-class people of society firsthand, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid. Night Raid is a small group of assassins who are driven by their brutal yet uncompromised righteous ethics to free the people from the evil hands of the emperor.

I don’t want to give out any spoilers but keep a jolly slice-of-life manga or anime ready after you finish Akame ga Kill to lift your mood.


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9. Laughing Under the Clouds

Laughing Under the Clouds

Status: Complete (6 Volumes, 29 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.11

In the Meiji era, after the fall of the Samurai Shogunate, swords were banned. Many ronins out of job are constantly trying to perform a coup. In such a time, a curse named ‘Orochi’ is rumored to have been incarnated.

Tenka Kumou, a hardworking ferry worker, with his two brothers and a ninja best friend, must band together to find the Orochi first to seal it away permanently before it falls into the wrong hands.

8. Vinland Saga

Vinland saga

Status: Ongoing

MAL Rating: 9.05

Vinland Saga is currently the 7th top-rated manga on MAL. Just like Kagurabachi, Vinland Saga is a story of revenge.

Based on the lives of ancient Vikings, it portrays the life of Thorfinn, the son of one of the greatest Viking warriors. Being raised by the same mercenary group that killed his father, Thorfinn has been raising a cold flame of revenge since he was a child. But soon he will realize that revenge is not a straight path.

If you are still confused and looking for manga like Kagura Bachi and you haven’t read Vinland Saga then you should definitely start reading Vinland Saga.

7. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

Status: Complete (30 Volumes, 207 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.43

Manji is cursed with an immortal body. He has killed many innocent men in his lifetime and he is not proud of it. To atone for his sins, he vows to kill evil men tenfold of innocent men he has killed. It is the only way the old witch who cursed his body will undo the curse.

When a teenage girl seeks Manji’s assistance to kill her parents’ murderers, Manji offers to protect her for the next four years from all types of dangers instead. This unusual companionship might be the way to freedom for Manji.

6. Vagabond

Vaga Bond similar Manga

Status: Ongoing (On Hiatus)

MAL Rating: 9.24

The 3rd top-rated manga on MAL is Vagabond, currently on hiatus after releasing chapter 327 of the 37th volume. Vagabond is based on the life of a real historical figure named Musashi Miyamoto.

It is a coming-of-age story by Musashi Miyamoto and his journey of finding a life larger than life. Not only as a manga similar to Kagurabachi, Vagabond is a manga you should read just for the sake of its greatness.

Sword lovers should definitely read Vagabond and this is one of the most praised manga of all time. while you are in search of manga like Kagura Bachi then add this one to your reading list.

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5. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin - Kagura Bachi Manga

Status: Complete (28 Volumes, 259 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.56

Rurouni means a wandering masterless samurai. In the Meiji era when all the samurai were out of jobs, Kenshin Himura is a former samurai who has vowed to live a righteous life where he would commit no more murder. After he meets a woman named Kaoru Kamiya, a dojo owner, Kenshin decides to help her from the local criminals who have threatened to attack Kaoru.

With a lot of action and romance, Rurouni Kenshin is a must-read manga similar to Kagurabachi.

4. Gintama

Status: Complete (77 Volumes, 709 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.62

You can offer me a million dollars but I will never agree that there is and will be a manga funnier than Gintama.

In the world of Gintama, the Samurai Shogunate came to an end after Japan was invaded by aliens. With Sinpachi, his assistant, and Kagura, the estranged daughter of the strongest alien race, Gintoki runs a business where they are the jack of all trades.

With their daily shenanigans and countless anime and Western movie references, Gintama is a manga that will make you mesmerized with action sequences and wheezing with comedy.

3. Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer Manga Final arc

Status: Complete (23 Volumes, 203 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 8.22

It is a story of a brother’s journey to find a cure for his sister who turned into a demon. Having one of the kindest and most well-behaved protagonists in shounen manga history, Kimetsu no Yaiba is set in a supernatural world where demons are fought with swords.

What else can be said about this manga that you guys don’t know already? Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer, is one of the most hyped anime of this decade. This manga was completed on the 18th of May 2020.

2. Noragami

Noragami x manga similar to kagura bachi

Status: Ongoing

MAL Rating: 8.40

Those who have only watched the anime may think that Noragami is a very chill anime with some premium comedy scenes. Only the manga readers know how dark the story gets with the rest of the chapters.

Noragami which literally means Stray God, is the story of a rogue God named Yato who is barely surviving due to the lack of believers. Hiyori is a high school girl who seeks his help with a very serious matter. Yato is not sure whether he can help Hiyori or not, and sticking with a human might bring harm to both of them.

1. Bleach

Manga like kagura bachi - Bleach

Status: Complete ( 74 Volumes, 703 Chapters)

MAL Rating: 7.85

Father-son-relation? Check! Protagonist with supernatural ability fighting with a sword? Double check!

With a twist of fate, Kurosaki Ichigo becomes a substitute Shinigami of his hometown. With Hollows attacking his friends and the people around him regularly, Ichigo must hone his newly achieved skills to be more effective.

But wait! Is this fate? Or has this been a plan of someone very handsome-looking brown-haired guy all along?

Above mentioned are the most relevant and similar manga like Kagura Bachi and you should definitely try one of the mentioned.

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