15 Best Horror Manga Only Recommended For Brave Hearted

Best horror manga recommendation

If you’re a fan of Horror manga, you’ve visited the right place. We have created a list of the 15 best Horror manga out there, so you can find your best horror manga from our list. Whether you’re looking for something terrifying or just want to read something scary, our list will not disappoint you. So go ahead and explore our Recommendation for top-notch Horror manga – We are sure you will find something best for yourself.

List of Horror Manga Recommendations

Below mentioned are the best Horror manga available for everyone and I will recommend checking out each manga story, So you can choose the best Horror manga made for you.

15. Shady Part-Time Jobs: No Escape

Shady Part-Time Jobs: No Escape

This is a supernatural horror mystery drama about two high school students, Yume Kokuryo and Nagomi Shirahama, who wants part-time jobs in order to make money. They found a shady part-time job.

The first job was to watch a haunted house. The house is not just haunted but it was inhabited by evil spirits. Yumi and Nagomi were attacked by this evil spirit and Yumi was almost killed but they hardly escaped with their lives.

The next job was to deliver a package to a desert island. A group of masked men wants this package which contains dangerous secrets. Yumi and Nagomi hiddenly escaped from here. Now Yumi and Nagomi know the dark world of Ura Baito. Girls find out that the Job was not just dangerous but also illegal.

The people who offer these jobs are often criminals, and they are not afraid to kill anyone who gets in their way. Yumi and Nagomi decide to stop this job and who is behind this job. They risk their lives to save others.
There are many times when horror scenes suddenly appear in large panels, so be careful when turning the pages.

This is a great manga for fans of horror, mystery, and drama.

14. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

The main character nene yashiro, is a first-year high school student. She wants a boyfriend. For this, she tries to summon Hanako-kun to her toilet.

Hanako Kun is the seventh and most famous wonder of Kamome Academy. He is a ghost who can complete any wish you want but at a price.

Nene makes a deal with Hanako Kun, she wants to become his assistant in exchange for granting her wish. Together Nene and Hanako Kun find mysteries of Kamone Academy and Hanako Kun’s past. This is a mix of manga filled with horror, comedy, and romantic plots.

13. Parasyte

Parasyte Manga


This manga follows Shinichi Izumi, a high school student who lives with his parents in Japan. One night, aliens arrived on Earth, and they take over human brain and started to host human brain.

One alien(parasite) tries to enter inside Shinichi’s body through his nose while he was sleeping. But unfortunately, that alien can’t take over Shinichi’s brain but can control Shinichi’s right hand.

Shinichi named this parasite Migi. Because of Migi Shinichi got tremendous power and they both started to learn each other. Shinichi helps Migi to know more about human emotions. Migi felts that and together they fight against other parasites

12. Pumpkin night

Pumpkin night manga


Naoko Kirino is a teenage girl who was bullied continuously by students in middle school. She was very depressed and tried to attempt suicide. But she was saved and suffered from mental issues.

A few years later, Naoko escapes from a mental hospital and wished to take bloody revenge on those who bullied her. She wears a pumpkin mask and carries a variety of sharp weapons, and she was determined to kill everyone who bullied her. She kills everyone who bullied her.

This manga is recommended for those who are interested in horror that can taste traumatic horror.

11. Higanjima

Higanjima Manga


Akira and his friends Rei, Yuki, and Ken are on a graduation trip to Higanjima. This island is inhabited by vampires. When Akira and his friends arrived on this island, they were attacked by vampires and Rei is captured. Somehow, Akira and his friends manage to escape, but there is no chance to contact outside the island.

Akira triggered that Atsushi is also trapped on the island. Atsushi was commander on the island a year ago and he hiddenly lives here. He has learned to survive in the vampire-infected world and become a skilled fighter.

Akira and his friends collab with Atsushi and fight together with vampires. Escaping from this island was dangerous and horrific.

10. The voice of the dead

The voice of the dead


The group of high academy scholars of class 3- A, Shirogane High School seen the ghost of their classmate, Yuko. Yuko tells the scholars that she was killed by her lover, and she wants their help to find her murderer.

The scholars agreed to help Yuko, and they soon find themselves in trouble full of mysteries. As the scholars started to explore Yuko’s murder, they set up dark secrets about the academy and its staff.

They learn about the academy which was visited by the ghosts of other scholars who have been killed. However, they must overcome their anxieties and challenge the spirits, If the scholars want to break Yuko’s murderer and escape from the academy alive. The manga is recommended for suckers of horror, riddle, and suspension stories.

9. Starving Anonymous: Human Race for Food

Starving Anonymous: Human Race for Food - Horror Manga


A panic horror manga narrates the fear of being fed up by humans, who were thought to be at the top of the food chain.

This is the futuristic story of Japan, where global warming has reduced. One day, high school student Ie and his friend Kazu are kidnapped after being sprayed with hypnotic gas on the bus on their way home from school.

When Ie woke up, he was on top of a truck full of people. And there were frozen naked people lined up around, dismantled by living people. Where exactly is this place?

It is an unimaginable story in which humans are feed on, and many readers feel great despair and fear. There is a charm that you can not stop turning the page with a in-built view of the world. It is a recommended popular work that draws many grotesque scenes such as giant creatures and predation with high drawing power.

8. Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan Manga


This is a horror comedy manga with a new sensation, representing a high school girl who has the ability to see strange “evil spirits”.

The main character Miko has the ability to see ghosts which can’t be seen by ordinary people, she was depressed because of this his friends have fear of him. She started to ignore the ghost and keep going hard as she could.

Despite being in the horror genre, you can read it while laughing. It has strong comedy scene and is recommended for those who are not good at horror.

7. Himuro no Tenchi Fate/School Life

Himuro no Tenchi Fate Manga


The club activity “School life club” where you stay overnight at the school and get familiar with various parts of the school that cannot be touched in class. The main character and mood maker Yuki Joya, Kurumi who loves shovels, Rii who keeps everyone together, and Mii who is a solid junior are four members.

Under the watchful eye of Megu-nee, a gentle advisor, he lives a lively life, eating delicious pasta and picking cherry tomatoes in the gardening club’s rooftop garden. However, the “happy” everyday life reflected in Yuki’s eyes is.
Many readers tremble at the gap between the cute illustrations and the story. Hints and mysteries are scattered in various places, and it is worth reading. Recommended for those who are interested in unique horror manga, such as zombies with cute characters.

6. I want to hold aono kun so badly I could die

I want to hold aono kun so badly I could die Manga


A horror love story between a high school girl and a ghost, two people who will never get married.

Librarian Yuri Kariya fell in love with Ryuhei Aono, a classmate next door, who picked up a book she was carrying when she dropped it. Then, Yuri suddenly confessed her love to him and the two started dating. However, after two weeks, she finds that Aono-kun died in a car accident.

After returning home from school, Yuri wanted to die to come out of pain. And the one who stopped her from cutting her arm with cutter was Aono-kun, who appeared as her ghost. Yuri becomes heartbeat for the first time in love. Recommended for those who want to read a popular manga about pure love and horror.


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5. The night outside the triangle window


The night outside the triangle window Manga Panel

A horror-mystery manga about a psychic detective duo consisting of supernatural ability, who pursue a mystery that cannot be solved by the police.

Kosuke Misumi, who works at a bookstore, has ability to see supernatural things. One day, Rihito Hiyakawa, who came to find out a ghost at his place of work, so he discovered Misumi’s talent and forced him to form a duo. This is a story about two people who discover and solve the terrifying and mysterious phenomena that hide in everyday life.

On the other hand, you can feel the sexiness in the scene where Hiekawa exorcises with Misumi. It is a recommended work that adds a mystery element to horror and is an interesting read.

4. Horror Newspaper

Horror Newspaper Manga


This is a horror manga representing supernatural phenomena and incidents brought by the “horror newspaper”, which says that “every day you read it, your life will be shortened by 100 days”.

Little boy Rei walking home returning from school, saw a newspaper, he picked it up and take a close look.

He founds that newspaper was filled with terrible manga stories that were going to happen in the future.

Rei started reading newspapers and eventually what he reads gonna happening like murder, natural disasters, etc.

Rei noticed that the newspaper is accurate, so he decided to write his own manga for his advantage. He started to write good things and all terrible things were stopped.

3. Body Search

Body Search Horror Manga


A survival horror manga set in an impossible-to-escape from school, which is said to be “the most screaming and the scariest”.

The “red person” appears in the school building after school and appears in front of the students who were alone. And those who see the “red man” will never look back until they leave the school gate. Those who turn around will be dismembered and hidden in the school building.

Such a ghost story becomes a reality, and it represents a life-threatening chase between six students who get involved with the “red person”.
This work is so terrifying that it has a warning that reads, “If you have a weak heart, please be careful when viewing. Recommended for those who are interested in death game works.

2. Ousama Game

Ousama Game


Manga is about the High school student forced to participate in a deadly game. Rule of game: If any student receives message from Sender called “King”, they must obey the message and do what they are told in message or else they will die. 

The game started with easy tasks like kissing someone, slapping, and cutting hair. But as the game progress task become more dangerous, and Players are forced to kill someone and attempt suicide and more.

Now you have to be smart to trust a person, or else you will be sacrificed or end up being betrayed. Game was designed to test friendship, morals, and sanity.

The King’s Game is a dark horror manga with many twists and plots. manga is not recommended for everyone, only if you are ready to read something about true horror than you can read.

1. Dead Tube

Dead Tube Horror manga


Dead Tube is the only manga that made my mind go crazy with its unpredictable plot, Chapter 1 of Dead Tube is enough to hook you and as the story continues to progress I feel the real meaning of horror.

The story is about a boy and girl named Tomohiro Machiya and Mai Mashiro. Both are something you called a little psycho by nature. The Girl forced Machiya to film him for 24 hours and everywhere, and after three days she meet a guy and they were supposed to be physical with each other and our boy Machiya was filming everything entire time.

Here comes the plot, She killed the boy who she was trying to be physical and Machiya was shocked and aroused at the same time, and later she kiss Machiya.

This is the story of how they both became partners and start uploading videos on-site called Dead Tube. Dead Tube is a site where people upload horrifying things you can’t even imagine and give a good sum of amount if the video received many views. 

I will only recommend this manga if you are ready to accept the mind-blowing and twisted plot. In my eyes “Dead Tube” is number one in terms of Horror manga. If you think you can read something which is truly a horror then go ahead and If not, then consider reading any one from above mentioned.

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Where to read Horror manga 

You can read mentioned Horror manga on websites like Viz manga, Manga Plus, and Crunchyroll Manga. In any case, if you don’t find the manga we have mentioned, you can message us on Twitter or Use Comment.

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