One Piece Episode 1072 Received Positive Response

One Piece Episode 1072

Today’s One Piece episode was even better than episode 1071 as per fans’ reactions and responses. Well, after watching episode 1071 many One Piece fans were disappointed after watching the Goofy animation prepared for Gear 5 episode, But later everyone discovered that Anime adaption is same as manga.

One Piece Episode 1072 Review

One Piece Episode 1072 showed the full battle and power of Gear 5 only, unlike Episode 1071. There was a big commotion after episode 1071 was released and many fans were disappointed after seeing the Animation is cartoonist and fight is no more serious.

The same thing was repeated again in episode 1072 but Now fans know the reason, that Luffy Gear 5 is built in a way that is more overpowered and the devil fruit itself knows the fight with Kaido is no threat to Luffy. 

That’s the main reason Luffy is laughing because he is under the influence of Devil Fruit Will. In episode 1072 the animation was really good and we saw Luffy’s two best moves. First, was Gaint Stomp and other was He using Kaido as Rope. The rope one was really hilarious.

There was one problem, Luffy’s Gaint stomp was supposed to look intimidating but I didn’t feel anything like that in that move.

Overall, Episode 1072 was successful even after all Goofy animation adaptations. Non-One Piece fans can never understand the true meaning of Gear 5 animation and its power.

Gear 5 is a power of God and it is re-useable, unlike Naruto’s Brayan mode. after seeing other fandom underestimating Gear 5, it was important to add that line.


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One Piece Episode 1073 Overview

One Piece Episode 1073

One Piece Episode 1072 Review

There are still about 3-4 episodes left before Kaido is defeated and as we have seen in the episode preview, episode 1073 will have a little bit more fight of Kaido vs Luffy, then it will be about how the people in Onigashima survive the fire which is spreading quickly.

The main thing which might hurt fans is waiting approx 1 more month before Kaido is defeated by Luffy and hopefully, they will not take any weekly breaks for animating the final battle between Kaido Vs Luffy, or fans have to suffer more waiting.

One Piece Episode 1071 Recap

Episode 1071 started with Luffy transforming into Gear 5, just as we saw in official teaser. The animation was good at that point, with the drums of liberation beating in the background to create more excitement.

I found the close-up shots of Luffy smiling to be unnecessary. It would have been better to show his full face so that we could see his expressions more clearly.

I personally like the scene where Luffy’s friends react to his transformation and there were shocked, and the way the Five Elders describe Luffy’s devil fruit was animated in best possible way.

The Hiyori scene made lot of fans annoyed because they wanted to see Gear 5, But that scene showed us, how kind Oden was and how evil Orochi and Kaido are. I felt satisfied after watching Orochi burn to death, knowing that he finally got what he deserved.

The fight between Luffy and Kaido was animated same as per manga, but it didn’t give goosebumps to a majority of fans, unlike previous fights in the series. In previous fights, Luffy was serious about defeating his opponent and gave his all. In this fight, he’s more playful and seems to be enjoying himself.

Overall, Episode 1071 was a good episode with goofy but clean animation. However, If Oda just added little bit more seriousness to the battle, fans would have enjoyed it more.

Release Date Of One Piece Episode 1073 and Where to Watch

One Piece Episode 1073 will be released on 20 August at 9:30 am JST. You can know the exact time as per your timezone with the help of the World Clock widget, and simply adding Japan Standard Time.

You can watch One Piece Episode 1073 on Crunchyroll and Funimation. I will recommend taking their monthly subscription to enjoy watching anime in a legit way and It will help Anime industry to grow more.

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