Boruto Timeskip Spoilers Is More Hype Than One Piece 1090

Boruto Timeskip Spoilers and panel

Fans were waiting for Boruto Spoiler to release soon as possible so they can preview the New design and Character design in action, And that long-awaited moment is now over after we received the official spoiler for Boruto Two Blue Vortex.

Boruto time skip spoiler is making more hype just after seeing a couple of leaked panels in Comparison to the recent release of One Piece chapter 1090. The Offical release date of Boruto Two Blue Vortex is 21 August. We can’t wait to see if Boruto’s new manga can surpass the hype of One Piece or not.

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Boruto Timeskip Spoilers

As we can see Boruto and Sarada were together & they are both grown up and mature now. Sarada is the one I liked the most in comparison to Glow Up. We even see a glimpse of Kawaki’s new style in Jeans and Long Jacket, although even before the time skip he use to wear clothes like that, He was standing on Box shaped structure created with the help of Isshiki Otsutsuki’s right eye.

There was one Panel that showed Boruto Knocking Code with a kick and that was really something else if it gets animated in the near future. We already predicted some leaks even before today’s spoiler were out so Check out the below mentioned article.

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Leaks – Release Date and Overview

As per our prediction, Boruto has now mastered the Sword art under the mentorship of Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke time skip design is yet to be revealed, but I am sure the design will make Sasuke look more badass than he already is. 

Boruto Manga Chapter 80 Overview

  • Boruto has fled from the Hidden Leaf Village after being accused of killing Naruto.
  • Shikamaru confronts Eida asking if Boruto really did kill Naruto but She says he did.
  • Kawaki gets angry after hearing that and grabs Eida and says he will keep Naruto sealed away until he can kill Boruto.
  • Meanwhile, Boruto and Sasuke come across some bandits on their travels. They easily defeat the bandits. Boruto uses his Karma and absorbs all bandits’ chakra, making him significantly more powerful.
  • Later Boruto and Sasuke arrive on a mysterious island. they were greeted by a group of people who claim they have been waiting for Boruto and Sasuke to arrive.

Boruto Timeskip is Going to Crash the Internet?

Well, many fans may think Boruto Timeskip has potential to crash the internet but it might be hard only for manga to break the internet, If the manga is Successful enough to make fandom go crazy then Anime with good animation can break the internet.

We can only wish for Anime to return soon as possible with a good animation budget. If the try to do coast cutting in Anime, then it doesn’t matter if the manga is good or not, it will be an embarrassing moment for fandom to witness.

But we all know that they can not make the same mistake after getting trolled on Internet for so long because of their Animation and list of fillers.

Where to read Boruto Timeskip Manga

Boruto Timeskip is releasing on 21 August worldwide and there are some legit websites for reading manga without any cheap copies. I will recommend Manga Plus and Viz Manga, for reading the latest chapter.


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