20 Best Romance Manhwa/Webtoons for Readers

Best Romance Manhwa 2023

Looking for a new romance manhwa to read? Look no further! Here are the 20 best romance manhwa, you should definitely consider reading. Everyone wants to read a good Manhwa in their spare time and but there are some Romance Manhwa reading them will be a waste of time. So choose the best for yourself by reading the story first.

List of Best Romance Manhwa/Webtoon

The ranking has nothing to do with story rating, consider yourself reading Synopsis first then towards number 1 of the list.

20. Orange Marmalade

Romance Manhwa

Story – In a world where vampires are no longer feared as bloodthirsty monsters and are discriminated against by humans. Mari Baek hides her true identity to live like a normal high school girl.

However, the most popular boy in school, who just happens to hate vampires, is her crush. What will Mari Baek do, reveal her identity to him, or continue to deny her in the eyes of the world?

We found the story interesting so consider reading it if you are fine with high school romance manhwa.

19. The Maid and The Vampire

The Maid and The Vampire Manhwa

Story – This romance manhwa begins with love between a vampire and his maid. Does it sound cliche? Think again. After a car accident, Areum is mistaken for a vampire.

However, Areum was sold to Maiden’s only vampire, Duke Millard Travis, and she vows to serve him as his master. Despite knowing that this will not be easy, Manhwa is quite wholesome and full of love between master and servant.

We keep story as minimus as possible so you understand the plot and don’t revive any major spoilers.

18. The Evil Lady Hero

The Evil Lady Hero Webtoon

Story – The main character is reincarnated as the villain in a romantic novel.

The original villain, Yunifer Magnolia, had a crush on the main lead, Ishid, and was jealous of his stylish friend, Rael Cania. The crown Napoleon, Cassian, ended up killing her.

To avoid her cruel fate, Yunifer decides to avoid the leading men, but when she has a one-night stand with Ishid, the strings of her fate begin to twist and come entangled.

The Context may be little hard to understand the plot because of all the names involved but If you want to read a twisted Romance Manhwa then suit yourself.

17. Something About Us

Something about us Romance Manhwa

Story – This is one of the best romantic manhwa with an exciting love story if you have not read it already. There are scenes containing tons of romance as well as friend-to-lover journeys.

The plot follows two college childhood friends, Da Gayoung and Han Woojin, who are often mistaken as a couple.

Although others see them as a perfect match but they consider themselves best friends, As their relationship blurs the line between friends and lovers, they don’t know how to describe it to themselves or to others.

In the end, what kind of relationship will it become? I will recommend this Romance Manhwa to give it a try.

16. A Tender Heart: The Story of How I Became a Duke’s Handmaid

Romance webtoon

A beautiful romance manhwa in which the female protagonist is transported to a world of a novel.

Story – Liandro is a minor character who is destined for solitude due to a curse that made his family reject him.

But when Evelina, a kind reader, enters the novel to act as his maid and decides to change her role, will she save him from his loneliness, and help him live his life in joy again?

Maids are rocking in our Romance Manhwa list.

15. The Baby Isn’t Yours

The Baby Isn't Yours - Romance Webtoon

Story – Kalia is a commander and celebrated hero who ended a past war.

After having a one-night stand with her best friend Simon Terroan, she discovers that she is pregnant by him.

Kalia decides to retire and leaves immediately because he wants to hide the truth out of fear that he does not want a child. Simon is unaware of this and she was really in love with him.

You should add the name of Manhwa to your list to read now or later but must read it, the story is just beautiful.

14. You at first sight

You at First Sight webtoon

This one is a slow-burn romance manhwa with a hint of mystery. There are two Manhwa seasons, so there is a lot to read after finishing the first one.

Story – Yechan can see a person’s inner thoughts instead of their face, making her different from others.

But she can see a boy’s face without hearing his thoughts, her interest is piqued by the boy and she is obsessed now. Will Yechan be able to get close to this boy and find out why she can see his face?

13. Whale Star

Whale Star Romance Manhwa preview

This is a historical romance manhwa for those who want a more mature love story.

Story – takes place in 1926, when Korea is dominated by Japan and known as Joseon. A 17-year-old Soo who works as a maid for a Japanese collaborator who comes across an injured fighter named Eui-hyeon.

After healing him, Soo-a falls in love with him. Wui Hyeon tells her the story of The Little Mermaid. Coincidentally for both of them, it turns out that their love story is similar to that of the dark and twisted tale.

12. This Girl is a Bit Wild

This Girl is a Bit Wild Romance Webtoon

Do you want a short and sweet romance manhwa with a strong female lead? So this manhwa is for you.

Story – Sir Roel is the captain of the Holy Knights who defeats the Demon King. He uses the last of his strength to transform him into a fragile woman.

But the Demon King didn’t know that she was already a woman. However, Sir Roel exchanges souls with Sila Epheria, she must prove her identity by engaging with the captain of a special group and acting as her fiancee. Will love blossom between them?

11. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

What's wrong with Secretary Kim - Manhwa

This is based on the 2013 novel of the same name. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? was adapted into Manwha, becoming one of the best love manhwas, to such a high degree of popularity that it gave rise to a 16-episode of television series.

Story – Miso is the legendary secretary to narcissistic Vice President Lee Young-Joon who wishes to resign from the company after nine years.

When he begins to develop feelings for Miso and tries to prevent her from leaving the company, trouble breaks out between them. If you like romantic comedies between a boss and his employee, this is Romance Manhwa is for you.

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10. Light and shadow

Light and shadow Manhwa

If you want to read a love story of two lovers with different financial conditions, this manhwa is for you.

Story – revolves around Edna, a fiery girl who is sold to marry Duke Eli rather than the royal princess.

Hiding her identity and biggest secrets, Edna must survive what comes next and, further Duke Eli is not very nice person. what is the secret and her identity, find it out while reading.

You can’t miss Light And Shadow if you are looking for Rom-com Manhwa.

9. The Princess Imprints a Traitor

The Princess Imprints a Traitor Manhwa

The Princess Accuses a Traitor is one of the best historical romance manhwa that shows you a classic romance between Michael the King of Homunculus and the Seventh Imperial Princess Evenrose.

Story – Evenrose is forced to drink poison and choose death by her evil sister, Bridgette. After being chosen as successor to the throne, Bridgette chose to side with Homunculi and led the Empire to its eternal destiny.

However, Evenrose teleports away eight years before everything starts to fall apart. As a result, she now has the chance to stop Bridgette from being the Empress.

In order to make herself worthy of being crowned Empress, Evenrose chooses to pursue Michael so she can impress the Emperor.

8. The Lout Of Count Family

The Lout Of Count Family - Romance Manhwa

Lout Of Count’s Family is a great romantic manhwa told from a man’s POV, which is new concept. Our Manhwa took place in a historical era where magic and dragons exist

Story – Our main protagonist, Kim Rok Soo, finds himself inside a novel he was reading. He has become one of the minor villains in the novel’s story. To make matters worse, he is drawn into malicious fiction and politics of novel, which changes the actual story of the novel.

Rok Soo must plan precisely to overcome the dangerous situations and use his knowledge of the novel’s original story to stay alive.

He soon meets Rosalyn, the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Berck. Rosalyn is a cold-hearted woman. But everyone was surprised after seeing she is affected by seeing Rok Soo and leaves everything behind to pursue him.

As a result, This manhwa is packed with funny moments and a heartwarming romance covered with serious plot.

7. Painter of The Night

Painter of the night Manhwa

The following Manhwa (webtoon) is a Yaoi romance webtoon.

Story – In Joseon Era, the plot features a callous and complicated nobleman, Yoon Seungho, who kills anyone simply if he’s in the mood.

A young farmer, Na Kyum, catches his eye when Seungho discovers that he is the anonymous artist behind the scandalous erotic paintings. Na Kyum claims to have sworn never to hold a paintbrush and lives his life as a drunk.

To Na Kyum’s surprise, Seungho forces him to be his private painter and paint erotic pictures for him.

The plot explores a toxic romance between a lowly peasant and a shabby nobleman that eventually develops into a tragic yet moving relationship. If you are looking for Yaoi Romance Manhwa then you can read and enjoy it.

6. The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette Manhwa

Story – In a fantasy world empire, Cayenne is a imperial princess known as the most beautiful woman in the empire. Unfortunately, Cayena was betrayed by everyone around her.

She was used as a pawn by her brother and her crazy husband, who has his own evil plans. Therefore, She ends up getting killed.

The twist is that Cayena has come back to life and now she must take revenge and destroy all those who used her. She must become the villain and forced her destiny to change.

The romantic element is provided by Raffaello Kidrey, a super handsome and charming prince. So, if you are looking for a strong and determined female lead with an incredibly beautiful art style, this manhwa is for you.

5. Be aware of The Villainess

Be aware of The Villainess Romance webtoon

Story – A modern college student who awakens as the duke’s daughter, Melissa Foddebrat in a fantasy kingdom. Melissa decides to do things her way and goes against royal society.

Melissa is far from everyone’s favorite, but she chooses to embrace it and gladly become the villain of this fantasy world. There are several devoted suitors lining up to win her love.

The plot is filled with countless funny moments and a good art style. Hence, Romance with Comedy might just make your mood happy.

4. Joseon’s Marriage Ban

Joseon's Marriage Ban Manhwa

Joseon’s Marriage Ban is one of the best historical romance manhwa to read in 2023. 

Story – with the news that all marriages are prohibited in the kingdom due to the tragic loss of the king’s wife.

Despite various pleas from the people of the kingdom, the king remains heartbroken and depressed. Until the main character, Sorang arrives as one of the prisoners.

She shocks everyone when she hilariously behaves like she’s possessed and claims to be a marriage specialist. She declares that the marriage ban will end by this year.

Now that she’s done lying through her teeth in front of everyone, including the king, she can only get further trapped in a web created by herself for to save his life.

Working in the royal palace as a fraudulent, fortune teller and marriage specialist who is even possessed by none other than the late queen, Sorang must survive.

Every panel of this manhwa is full of comedy, and the plot is dense with the perfect amount of romance.

3. Gwanghae’s lover

Story – An epic romance between the main leads that overcomes time and other deadly obstacles. The plot centers on Kyungmin, a modern young woman with the ability to travel through time.

On a beautiful day, she meets Gwanghae, an 18-year-old Prince from the Joseon era who ended up in the present day. Even though they spent a day together, they break with healthy and unforgettable memories.

After ending up in the Joseon era, Gwanghae can’t forget about Kyungmin and hopelessly wants to meet her.

Kyungmin is forced to act quickly to make a risky choice due to an unexpected change of events. She travels in the timeline where Gwanghae is 27 years old. The plot then unfolds with many twists and turns filled with epic romance.

This manhwa is a hidden gem and we suggest to give it a try.

2. Under the Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree is one of the year’s greatest and most popular historical romance comics. The plot revolves around Maximillian Croix, the duke’s daughter

Story – Maximillian’s father abused her daughter mentally and physically because she stutters every time she speaks. As a result, she grew up with low self-respect and scaredy person.

Maximillian was later married to a lowly knight Riftan Calypse by her father, who simply wanted to get rid of his responsibilities. However, luck was not yet on her side.

Riftan was a cold and distant man who cared only for his royal duties. later, Riftan leaves the house and returns after 3 years as a famous and triumphant knight.

Now both protagonists are reunited and they must find a way to understand and love each other.

1. The Remarried Empress

Romance Manhwa -The Remarried Empress

The Empress Who Remarried is the best romance manhwa to read in 2023. The following Manhwa is about a divorced empress and a young prince.

Story – started when Navier Ellie Trovi, a kind empress, discovers that her husband has cheated on her. She divorces her husband and demands to retain her right to remarry.

Navier marries a young prince, Heinrey, and retains his royal status. Heinrey treats her with respect and kindness. Now he will become successor to the throne as a true king, by winning Navier’s heart.

I am personally obsessed with the Manhwa (Webtoon) and will recommend to read.

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We have given you the best Romance Manhwa to read in 2023, Hope you can enjoy reading your favorite Manhwa from our list.

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