10 Psychological Horror Manhwa Recommendation

Horror Manhwa Recommendation

We all love to explore different genres of Manhwa for fun and entertainment, But if you are confused and unable to find some good Horror Manhwa, this Article is for you. We have created list of 10 Best Horror Mnahwa and I will recommend reading synopsis of all mentioned to find best Horror Manhwa as per your taste.

List of Best Horror Manhwa 

1. Bastard

Bastard Manhwa

Bastard is a very dark manhwa full of violence, emotional abuse, and bullying.

Jin Seon may look like an ordinary high school student but he was actually far from that. When he was a child an accident occurred in his life which left him with much long-term damage, including severe amnesia, loss of sight in his left eye, and a number of his limbs held together by pins.

He is bullied at school due to her disability, but it is still better than being at home because her father is a dangerous killer who targets young girls. he also forced Jin to help in his work. 

Dongsoo had manipulated his son and forced him to act as a partner in his crimes. Jin’s only hope to not become his father’s next victim is to kill his own father.

Bastard is a scary story about abuse, suffering, and pain. Bastard is a scary story about abuse, suffering, and pain. The story shows how people can quickly give in to negativity, leaving readers feeling uneasy even after they finish reading it.

2. MIA: Lost In Operation

MIA: Lost In Operation

MIA: Lost In Operation is a dark military and supernatural horror manhwa about eleven people who go to a general post to shut it down but soon regret their decision to go there.

The story follows Corporal Chan Soo Gim and his team of ten people and the horrors they have to endure while carrying out their mission.

They believe they are protected in a bunker enveloped by dense fog, but they face dangers like minefields, lost communication, equipment issues, and ambushes by unknown shooters and ghosts.

3. Dead Days

Dead Days Manhwa

Dead Days is a psychological horror manhwa full of violence. This Manhwa is about a high school student named Jingook. It started with a company which provides new and improved drinks for free. But it never tells people what the consequences will happen after drinking.

On the fourth day, it became clear that the person who consumed the drink would become a zombie. The world descends into chaos when zombies litter the streets.

Jingook was confined to his room in the hope that someone would save him before his zombie mother burst through the door. There was a girl in bad condition looking for help. His only solace is the girl in the apartment building across the street and their dwindling hope of survival.

4. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead Manhwa

In this manhwa, life is ordinary for Hyosan High School students. They go to class, make fun of each other, and gossip about the science teacher who smells strange and whose family is missing.

When a young girl walks into the classroom the science teacher locked her up for two days and she cries. Later, her body started to act her own.

But when they realize that the school has become ground zero for a deadly virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. With the help of their friends, classmates, and professors the uninfected must figure out how to survive. This story makes the manhwa one of the 10 Psychological Horror Manhwa You Must Read.

5. Distant Sky

Distant Sky

Distant Sky presents a unique approach to post-apocalyptic storylines. When a young man wakes up he finds out that the world has suddenly changed.

Gangnam is shrouded in darkness and the world is full of corpses. There is no electricity in the city so the whole city looks like a ghost town. As he starts exploring the lifeless city, he encounters terrifying things he can’t comprehend.


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6. Your Throne

Your Throne Manhwa

Lady Medea Solon wants to marry the Crown Prince of Eros Orna Vasilios and become a princess of the Vasilios Empire. However, her plans fall apart when she chooses someone else to be her fiance.

Medea is not ready to accept if things don’t go as expected. She falls into a deep slumber after her failure. She prayed to God to make her ruler and the gods granted Medea’s wish.

She switches bodies with the crown prince’s fiance but she quickly realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

7. Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood Age Manhwa

Dark Blood Age is a dark supernatural manhwa that follows the story of Chu Yun ShengSheng, an ordinary white-collar worker who finds a family Belongings in the form of a book. He tried to study the book but he could only make out some of the symbol’s character.

What he was able to understand shocked him to the core. The book says that one day the sun will disappear and when this happens there will be no human life left to exist.

He tried to tell people about the prophecy but they didn’t believe him until it was too late.

8. Killstagram


This is a disturbing and creepy manhwa by Ryoung tells the story of Remi Do. Remi is gorgeous and has huge followers on social media.

Her selfies have gone viral in minutes and many brands are dying to work with her. Remi seems to have the perfect life. However, Remi’s life takes a dark turn after a serial killer starts stalking her by following her every move.

This manhwa is a dark thriller that will make its readers’ hearts skip a beat. Killstagram will make its readers see social media in a new light and make people afraid of notifications on cell phones.

9. Killing Stalking

Horror Manhwa

Killing Stalking is one of the most popular horror manhwa. This manhwa is claimed to have a lasting impact on people who finish reading it. This manhwa tells the story of Yoon Boom who is a quiet boy.

Yoon Boom secretly has a crush on Sangwoo who is a popular boy. But his feelings got out of control. One night, Yoon Bum entered Sangwoo’s house and he was shocked. Not only did he know that Sangwoo was a serial killer he also held a woman hostage in his basement.

This makes Yoon Bum entangled in a dark and choosing drama that is full of abuse and manipulation. Sangwoo used Yoon Bum’s emotions and love against him.

10. Sweet home

Sweet home Manhwa

Hyun soo was discriminated against by his family after being targeted by bullies in high school. The manhwa begins with Hyun-soo contemplating suicide due to being left an orphan and he loses his sister and parents in a car accident.

After moving into an apartment complex, he isolates himself from society. Soon, strange things start happening to him and those around him. Things like getting nosebleeds and hearing voices inside their heads.

I would recommend reading Sweet Home Horror Manhwa if you want to read scary and sad story.

We have mentioned some best-selected horror manhwa and hope you reading scary manhwa and I will suggest checking out our Manhwa Section for more Recommendations.

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