12 Manhwa Better Than Manga: You Should Read Now

Manhwa better than Manga

There are number of Manhwa better than manga but let’s understand the differences between Manga and Manhwa first. Manga are Japanese comics and Manhwa are Korean comics. Manga are mostly black & white and have to be read from right to left. Manhwa on the contrary are mostly drawn in color and have to be read from left to right. Manhwa are vertical panel comics where there is no fixed panel style for Manga.

One of the reasons Manhwa are better than Manga is their easy readability. Many readers have a hard time getting used to reading from right to left when reading Manga. Manhwa does not have that problem. Some Manhwa have extraordinary art and character designs that are better than Manga. Recently Manhwa creators are embracing more trendy and unique topics such as Isekai, reincarnation, regression, etc.

Top 12 Manhwa That Are Better than Manga

Below mentioned Manhwa is a must-read for everyone.
Find the Manhwa that suits your taste and enjoy reading.

12. Annarasumanara

Annarasumanara -Better Manhwa than Manga
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.28
Status: Complete

There was a time when Yoon Ah-ee believed in magic. There was even a time when she wanted to become a magician. When reality hits you in the face really hard, those thoughts are bound to be forgotten. At present Yoon Ah-ee is an orphan high school girl struggling with life to bring food on the table and taking care of her little sister.

But one day, a rumor spreads throughout the town, that a magician has put up his tent in an abundant theme park. Like a mouse following the Pied Piper, Yoon Ah-ee discovers herself in front of the magician’s tent and her life is about to change forever in the most magical way possible.

11. After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples
Genre: Comedy, Romance
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.35
Status: Ongoing

Student life is hard when you have problems concentrating. The main protagonist of this Manhwa, Mi-ae, is a middle school student, but she is already struggling with life. She is not good at her studies. She is stressed and always feels she is constantly behind. All she wants to do is listen to her favorite pop band The Fire Boys and read webtoons.

One day, an exchange student named Seo-jin is transferred to Mi-ae’s school. Mi-ae used to know this boy before and as far as she knew, Seo-Jin liked to be in a constant bad mood but he was also exceptionally good at study. When Seo-Jin offers Mi-ae to help her with the study, she can’t reject the offer of getting tutored by one of the best students in class. Thus unravels the story of a wonderful teen love and the journey of two people finding their paths in life.

10. Lookism

Lookism - Top Manhwa
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural
MyAnimeList Rating: 7.97
Status: Ongoing

Park Hyung Suk is short, fat, and considered straight-up ugly in the common eye. Not being able to handle all the bullying, he decides to change schools.

But something unbelievable happens. The morning before joining the new high school, Park Hyung Suk wakes in a new body. This body is tall, well-built, and has good skin-complexion. In a word, it is a body that any man covets. But there is a slight inconvenience. When Park Hyung Suk woke up in his new wonderful body, his old body was lying next to him lifelessly. And when he went to sleep in his new body, he woke in his old one.

Now he has to manage the attention caused by his new body, dealing with both of his bodies and finding out what caused such an unnatural phenomenon.

Lookism Manhwa is better than Manga in terms of a new conception of fat guy getting handsome overnight and changing his whole life.

9. The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer
Genre: Adventure, Isekai
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.22
Status: Ongoing

The Greatest Estate Developer is an Isekai Manhwa where an engineering student falls into the world of a novel. Suho, the protagonist of this story, is currently studying civil engineering. By the twist of fate, he emerges as an idle nobleman character in the novel he was reading just the other night. Boy oh boy, this nobleman character is in great trouble. The character was written to be fun-loving, and lazy with an affection for spending money like there is no tomorrow. If this goes on, he will bring his whole family down with bankruptcy which will also strip him of his noble status.

So Suho uses his engineering knowledge to build and rebuild estate properties. He aims to become a true real estate personnel to change his doomed fate as a future destitute meanwhile finding a way out to the real world.

8. The Legend of the Northern Blade

The Legend of the Northern Blade
Genre: Action, Fantasy
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.38
Status: Ongoing

The Legend of the Northern Blade is a revenge story of a man named Moowon. Since his boyhood, his life has been an endless field of turmoil. His father was accused of working hand in glove with the enemy and he commits suicide to save his only child.

Since then Moowon has been leading a miserable life under unswerving surveillance as the son of a traitor. When an opportunity arises, he flees from his home to the mountain where no one will look for him. There he trains himself in the martial arts of his ancestors.

Now he is fully ready to come out of the mountains to his homeland to get revenge for the injustice that caused his father’s life and also defeat the ultimate villain named the Silent Night.


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7. Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess Manhwa
Genre: Comedy, Isekai, Romance
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.45
Status: Complete

Who Made Me a Princess is the second Isekai Manhwa on this list. An ordinary Korean woman wakes up as the character Anastasia of a tragic historical novel called The Lovely Princess. In the original novel, Anastasia is a princess who gets executed by her father for a crime she did not commit.

Our protagonist’s story begins in the body of a five-year-old princess whose father does not love her. But she must do absolutely anything to avoid her formidable future and come back to the real world with the help of magic, wit, and a very handsome Lucas.

The art of Who Made Me a Princess is so stunning, it will make you want to stare at the comic pages. You will have a hard time deciding on who is more handsome between Claude de Alger Obelia and Lucas.

6. Tower of God

Tower of God Manhwa - Manhwa Better than Manga
Genre: Action, Fantasy
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.39
Status: Ongoing

The setting of Tower of God is very mysterious. Bam is an orphan kid. All his life he had only one friend, Rachel. Rachel wants to climb the Tower of God, a tower that if one could climb successfully, will grant the climber any wish. Bam is not interested in climbing the tower but he will do what must be done to be with Rachel. So, to follow her, he also decides to join the climbers list. Only if it were that easy.

Bam is undoubtedly strong but inexperienced, and climbing the tower is no piece of cake. One has to go through various tests and challenges before even getting close to climbing the tower. In this adventure, Ban will meet and make great new friends who will make his hardship worthwhile.

5. Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader Manhwa
Genre: Action, Reverse Isekai
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.41
Status: Ongoing

Omniscient Reader is a Manhwa based on a novel by the same name. Kim Dokja is an avid web novel reader. He has been reading this web novel named Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse for almost ten years. After 3149 chapters the story comes to an end. After Dokja finished reading the last chapter, everything went dark, and then boom! The novel turned into a reality in front of his eyes. Being the only reader of the full novel, he knows how the world will end. And now it is up to him to save the world being the protagonist of his favorite story.

The day Dokja read the final chapter is the day his new life began.

4. Bastard

Bastard Manhwa
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.49
Status: Complete

People who like a little brain teasing or enjoy anime and manga like Death Note and Monster will love Bastard. It is a gory Manhwa filled with triggering twists that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

What is it like to be the son of a serial killer? If you want to know, you should ask Seon Jin, the main protagonist of Bastard. Seon Jin’s father acts like an ideal citizen of society but in the dark of the night, he is a ruthless serial killer who kills for his pleasure only. Seon Jin often has to assist his father in carrying out his hobby. When his father sets his eyes on Yoon Kyun, a student from Seo-Jin’s school whom Seon Jin is secretly in love with, Seon Jin has to think and act very carefully to decide whom he will choose between his father and love interest.

3. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker Manhwa
Genre: Action, Sports
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.57
Status: Ongoing

Jo Ja-Hyun is burdened with many responsibilities. He is the student council president and a top-class student. He is one of those young people who are expected to do great things. With the little time he can manage for himself to vent, Jo Ja-Hyun uses it to take a ride on his bicycle.

On such a day Jo Ja-Hyun bumps into Min Woo, a classmate, who is a part of a biker group. With Min Woo’s encouragement and influence, Jo Ja-Hyun soon discovers the world of competitive cycling.

Wind Breaker has been praised for its realistic portrayal of cycling. It is a coming-of-age story about finding passion and friendship.

2. The Horizon

The Horizon Manhwa
Genre: Action, Drama
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.67
Status: Complete

In the middle of a world war, a boy with no name has lost everything. In this lonely world where people are dying every second, not knowing who to trust, and where to go, the boy starts walking on a lonely road. Until he meets a girl. Until he spots the girl sleeping inside a broken bus. Together they embark on an uncertain journey in a war-torn world where survival is a question every turn of the road.

What I can surely say about The Horizon is that, once you finish this 21-chapter Manhwa, it will stay with you forever.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
Genre: Adventure, Action
MyAnimeList Rating: 8.68
Status: Complete

On every Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua database website you visit, Solo Leveling has earned the position of the top-rated titles on every single one of them. It is based on a web novel by the same name. Both the novel and the Manhwa are super popular.

Solo Leveling as a Manhwa is visually stunning. Well, it has to be given that it was illustrated by Dubu, the CEO of Redice Studio.

Solo Leveling is a story of the protagonist’s transformation from zero to hero. In a world full of monsters, Jin-Woo is the lowest-ranked monster hunter. He is very weak but he has to keep going to provide for his sick mother’s medication. After one life-threatening incident, Jin-Woo is granted the chance to level up himself by completing several challenges. And this is how the story of the highest-rated Manhwa in the world starts.

Solo Leveling is the Manhwa better than 80% of Manga out there in terms of battle character development and storyline.

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