10 Best Anime like Gamera: Rebirth You Must Watch!

Anime like Gamera rebirth

Currently, the 21st top-rated ONA (Original Net Animation) listed on MyAnimeList, Gemara: Rebirth explores the story of Gemera, a turtle-shaped kaiju fighting five different human-eating kaiju one by one. This anime was made by ENGI Anime Studio which is also known for Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out and the upcoming Unnamed Memory. 

Released worldwide on Netflix on September 7, Gemera: Rebirth received positive reviews for using well-coordinated CGI, making the anime visually stunning just what is needed for an action-packed anime. 

So if you are looking for more monster-fighting monsters or simply monster-hunting anime, we have made a list just for you.

10. Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia - anime like Gamera rebirth

MAL Rating: 7.64

A powerful alien species named Gauna destroyed the planet Earth many years ago. In the distant future, specifically in the year 3394 when people live in a giant floating spaceship called Sidonia, Nagate Tanikaze is a young man who has been selected as the next pilot of an alien-fighting mecha bot called Garde.

When the attack from the Gaunas is a constant threat, Tanikaze must prepare himself to be the savior of Sidonia.

Knights of Sidonia is an award-winning mecha sci-fi anime that is very underrated and will remind you of Gamera: Rebirth.

9. Deltora Quest

Deltora Quest

MAL Rating: 7.08

Based on a children’s book by Emily Rodda, Deltora Quest is about the adventure of a sixteen-year-old boy named Lief along with his guardian Barda to find the seven hidden gems scattered around the world in order to bring back peace in the kingdom of Deltora. Each gem is guarded by vicious monsters. Lief and his friends must use their brains and muscles to get those back.

This fairy tale anime will bring back memories of when life was easier. With a total of 65 episodes, you will feel fulfilled when this anime ends.

8. Hell’s Paradise

Hell’s Paradise is similar to Gamera: rebirth

MAL Rating: 8.15

After Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katanakaji no Sato Hen, Hell’s Paradise was the most talked about anime of Spring 2023. Already confirmed for a second season, Hell’s Paradise follows the journey of a group of criminals and samurais to a mysterious island named Shinsekyo. This island is rumored to be the home of elixir, a substance that grants eternal life. 

But no matter how beautiful Shinsekyo looks, it is the home of countless monstrous creatures that people have never seen before. To survive the island and retrieve the elixir, the protagonists must tread very carefully, avoiding troubles as much as possible. 

7. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

MAL Rating: 8.56

Another top-notch product of MAPPA was released in the Fall of 2022. 

Denji is a destitute guy who is making ends meet and paying back the huge debt that his dead father left behind by his dead father by cutting and selling trees and occasionally slaying devils with the help of his devil friend Pochita. But betrayal comes from someone you always expect the least. When he and Pochita both are murdered, the chainsaw devil (Pochita) makes a pact with Denji that combines the devil’s heart with Denji’s body. With a very sustainable body, Denji soon attracts the attention of the Public Safety Bureau and gets offered to become a devil hunter.

As an adaptation of the famous manga, we can all agree that Chainsaw Man anime has fulfilled everything we expected and given us much more.

6. Dororo


MAL Rating: 8.24

Based on the famous manga by the great mangaka Osamu Tezuka and a remake of the 1968s anime, Dororo is probably the most underrated dark-fantasy shounen anime you will ever watch. This 24-episode complete anime will have you hooked to the screen in every single episode.

As a newborn baby, Hyakkimaru faced the unfair consequences of his father’s actions. As a result, 12 of his body parts including his eyes, ears, nose, skin, and spine were taken by 12 demons. Raised by his doctor foster father, Hyakkimaru begins his journey to kill these 12 devils to regain his body parts.

Dororo is extremely gory and has a few mature contents which make it not a typical shounen anime.

5. Godzilla Singular Point

Godzilla Singular Point

MAL Rating: 6.65

The 36th Godzilla title, Godzilla Singular Point is also the first anime series. In this anime, several types of Godzilla were introduced such as— Godzilla Aquatilis, Godzilla Amphibia, Godzilla Terrestris, and Godzilla Ultima. 

The singular point is considered a point in space-time whose breakdown is probably the reason behind the existence of strange creatures appearing in the world. Researchers Mei and Yun come together to expose the mystery behind the singular point to stop these creatures from appearing.

When Godzilla Singular Point came out, it was greatly known for its premium animation art that was considered way ahead of time. The plot is holistic and well-paced. Based on the same universe, if you are looking for anime like Gamera: Rebirth, you should definitely watch Godzilla Singular Point.

4. Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxx

MAL Rating: 7.2

Klaxosaurses are the Kaiju of Draling in the Franxx universe. In a world where humankind had to be confined inside a walled area, Franxxes are pilot-driven mecha robots that are used to fight off monsters. 

Hiro, not doing well on his pilot aptitude tests, was minding his own business alone in the woods, until he bumped into a beautiful woman named Zero Two. Zero Two, an infamous monster-hunter, becomes Hiro’s fighting partner and together they aim to be the strongest Franxx pilots the world has ever seen.

Even people who don’t like mecha anime had to prase Darling in the Franxx for amazing character design and story-telling. Also, it has one of the greatest waifus in the anime universe. 

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3. Nobunagun


MAL Rating: 6.67

In the universe of Nobunagun, the sole purpose of DOGOO (Defense Organization Against Outer Objects) is to destroy monsters called Evolutionary Invaders (EIs). These Els are not normal creatures. They are somehow genetically modified to possess the souls and powers of historical figures. Only the E-Gene holders are a match for them. E-Gene holders are humans who can also possess the power of historical figures which makes them powerful enough to defeat Els.

Shio Ogura is an E-Gene holder high school student who joins the DOGOO to serve and protect her country and people. 

With a combination of famous historical personalities and technology, Nobunagun is a fun anime to watch.


2. Pacific Rim: The Black

Pacific Rim: The Black

Anime-Planet Rating: 3.63 (out of 5)

Pacific Rim: The Black is a Netflix anime series included in the Pacific Rim universe. After a huge Kaiju attack, Australia is in a devastated condition. Two siblings, the Travis’ hop in a Jaeger to find their parents. On their journey, they find people whom they can not trust and more Kaiju monsters who are attempting to demolish the existence of the human community from the ace of Australia.

Like any other Kaiju or Godzilla anime series, Pacific Rim: The Black also has marvelous animation which makes it a perfect recommendation for anime like Gamera: Rebirth.

1. Kaijuu 8-gou

Kaijuu 8-gou - Anime like Gamera: rebirth

MAL Rating: N/A

In Japan, the defense corps that is responsible for killing Kaijuu has a cleaning unit whose job is to clean up after the defense corps when the fight is over. Kafka Hibino is in his early thirties and he once had a dream to be a part of the fighting squad of the defense corp. After a few failed attempts he has lost all his hopes and tried being contained by his current job. But when an energetic new worker joins his team it reminds him of his old self, thinking it might not be too late after all to chase his old dream.

After a Kaijuu parasite attack transforms Kafka into a humanoid Kaiju-like creature, he decides to use his new powers for the greater good.

Currently, the 43rd most anticipated upcoming anime, Kaijuu 8-gou is scheduled to premiere in July 2024. 

Well, if you still haven’t figured it out, Kaijuu are Godzilla-like huge monsters.

Above mentioned are all similar anime like Gamera Rebirth and you should definitely consider watching them.

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