Episode 1076 Luffy defeats Kaido: Wano Arc comes to an end!

Episode 1076 Luffy defeats Kaido

Wano arc is the longest arc in One Piece, started way back in 2018 and it’s still ongoing but now after the release of Episode 1076, the end has come near. Wano arc became the favorite of every One Piece fan in no time. 

One Piece Wano arc is the Arc truly a masterpiece because of the number of times we get to witness great battles and by the end of our Arc, Straw hats have become a Yonko crew.

One Piece Episode 1076 review

One Piece episode 1076 review

One Piece Episode 1076 showed the past life of Kaido as a kid and how strong he was, Even the Marine was unable to lock him up, he broke free every time after eating food for prisoners.

We already witnessed the magnificent Bajrang Gun attack in episode 1075 but we can’t expect anything less from Kaido the King of the Beast. 2 powerful attacks collide with each other and the one with the strongest will, be victorious.

Luffy with his Gear 5 can sense the emotions of people around them and their desires. In episode 1075, Luffy senses the wishes and desires of people in Wano and the Samurai present in Onigashima. As a Joyboy he can’t turn his back but make their wishes and desire reality.

Luffys Bajrang Gun vs. Kaido’s Shoryu Kaen Hakke, these two attacks are the strongest attack in the entire One Piece series. Colliding with one another Luffy sends Kaido into the abyss of darkness, where can never return to Wano or anywhere (Kaido can be considered dead).

Wano Arc’s ending explained

Wano Arc ending explained

If you are a fan of One Piece then there is a piece of good news and bad news for you. Wano arc has come to an end, but we were able to enjoy one of the best Arcs in One Piece for so long that we should appreciate and say goodbye with joy.

We all know, how dark and horrifying the story was in Wano Arc. People were suffering, starving, and forced into labor work, their children were dying because of hunger. Kaido and Orochi are not someone with good heart, they are evil to the core and only thinks for themselves.

Our hero Luffy was ready to die on the battlefield in order to defeat Kaido, Luffy formed an Alliance with Samuries of Wano, Captain Kid, and Law to defeat Big Mom and Kaido.

Oden wished to open the land of Wano for everyone in his journal and Momonosuke has become Shougan Wano and he will open the land of Wano once he becomes more powerful and starts using his devil fruit power like Kaido to protect the people.

Luffy has given his jolly roger to Momnosuke so anyone who tries harm or dares to attack Wano has to face the crew of Yonko, knowing the fact that Wano is under Luffy’s influence no one will attack the Wano.

Yamato was eager to join straw hat pirates but after battling with Admiral Green Bull, She decided to stay for the time period and she will join Luffy in his adventure once Momonosuke becomes strong enough to protect everyone in Wano.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MVP of Wano Arc

Luffy is the MVP of the Wano arc and we can give 2nd place to Zoro for actively battling the strongest enemy and protecting his captain on the Rooftop of Onigashima. 

On which episode Wano will end

After the release of episode 1076, we can expect 5-6 more episodes of Party and Arrival of Green Bull and Shanks using Wiki Haki. Everything depends on TOEI Animation, and how long they want Wano Arc to continue, But Wano Arc will end within episode 1082.

Does Luffy Beats Kaido 

Yes, Luffy does beat Kaido with his powerful Bajrang Gun Attack, In Episode-1076 Luffy sends Kaido into the Abyss, and in Episode-1077 He is announced as the winner of battle.

Is Luffy Stronger than Kaido 

Luffy with his Gear 2,3 and 4 can’t defeat Kaido but with Gear 5, Luffy can defeat 90% of every villain and Marines including the world’s strongest creature Kaido.

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