Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236: Review, Public Reaction & News

Jujutsu Kaisen fans are in a state of shock after JJK chapter 236 spoilers spread online. On 20 September manga scans were spread across the internet about Gojo being killed by Sukana. This has caused a major commotion in AniManga community because Gojo is a popular character out there in the list.

Jujutsu Kaisne fandom is divided into two parts: Gojo Fanarmy & Sukana Fanarmy. Hence Gojo fans are feeling sad and angry meanwhile Sukana fans are enjoying & sharing memes and edits. 

People are searching for the social media username of Jujutsu Kaisen Author and sharing their feelings and also threatening to bring back Gojo or they will never forgive you.

Here is the social media username of JJK Author -Gege Akutami.
Twitter – @jujutsuAkutami
Instagram – @gege_akutamii (For informational purposes)

JJK Chapter 236 Review in English Translation

Chapter started with Backstory and Backstory in JJK = Death of a character

Geto: Yo to Gojo who is looking stupified

Gojo: This is awful 

Geto: Pouts* and says Gojo is being rude

Gojo: I told my students that ‘when you die, you are alone’. (So he hopes this is just an imagination)

Geto: ‘Who cares?’

Gojo: ‘It matters. About my father… but then leaves the topic saying he left it to Shoko to handle so it’s alright

Geto: How was the King of Curses?

Gojo: Sukuna was damn strong & he didn’t even go all in for it, and he is not sure if he could win even if Sukana didn’t have Megumi’s CT.
(Geto was surprised that Sukana made Gojo of all people admit that)

Gojo: I gave my everything – My trained body, techniques I learned, the talent I brushed, inspiration & explosive powers. I wanted to reach Sukuna & hope it will reach to him, Anyway it was fun

Gojo: I feel sorry for Sukuna cause he didn’t give his all to me

Geto: That made me feel jealous but if you are satisfied with it then I am good

Gojo: I would’ve been satisfied if you were also there to give a slap on my back to motivate me

Gojo: I am glad that what killed him is not time or disease but someone stronger than him.

Nanami: Chimes* in to say it’s disgusting to hear all that from you Gojo because it sounds like a samurai general. LoL*

Nanami: I once talked with Geto about leaving all the jobs to you Gojo, because you didn’t consider Jujutsu as something to live or protect.

Haibara: that it’s something everyone noticed but didn’t say out loud Imao

Nanami: I won’t justify Gojo’s last moments but feel sympathy for him.

Gojo: Thanks Nanami 

Gojo: How was it for you Nanami (his last moments)

Nanami: That I had once asked Mei san about it & she suggested to move North if you are looking for a new side of yourself Or move South if you want to stay who you are

Nanami: I chose South without any doubt. His last moments wasn’t so bad thanks to Haibara too

Gojo: Farewell Everyone. Geto, Yaga, Nanami, Haibara, Riko, Kuroi

JJK manga chapter 236 - Gojo death

Back to reality

We see Sukuna explaining Mahoraga’s adaption. Once Maho receives an attack, it’ll gradually adapt to it over time. & the more attacks it takes, the faster it’ll adapt. Sukuna says that he was looking forward to Maho as a “role model” who would pass through Gojo’s infinity.

Mahoraga was first adapting to Gojo’s infinity and when Mahoraga shot the slash, it was not same as Sukuna’s but powerful. It expanded the CT target to not just Gojo but to the space, and world itself & cut it.

We then see Gojo has been cut in half as Sukuna explains that infinity doesn’t matter if the entire world can be cut.

JJK 236 manga - Sukana vs Gojo

Sukuna: “Good job Gojo Satoru. I will never forget about you” 

Author ended the chapter without a moment of feeling sorrow for Gojo’s death, and we saw Thunder God, Hajime Kashimo entering battle.


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JJK Fandom reaction to Chapter 236

After killing everyone’s favorite character, Gege shared 2 tweets which is quite offensive for fans.

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