Top 10 Villains of JJK Shibuya Arc

Villains of Shibuya Arc Jujutsu Kaisen

When JJK Season 2 started, We witnessed the past of Gojo Satoru, Geto, Mei Mei, Shoko, and Utahime. Also, understand the reason why Geto chooses to become villain and kill all non-sorcere users. The Arc only consist of 5 episode but we witnessed one of the best between Gojo and Toji.

Now that the Shibuya Arc has been started, things will get more serious and dark, So, we have created a list of all main villains you will witness in Shibuya Arc.

List of Villains in JJK Shibuya Arc

List contains Spoilers for Anime viewers but Being spoiled is the best feeling, So read and stay ahead of others.

Here are the top 10 strongest villains in the Shibuya Incident arc:

1. Kenjaku

Kenjaku jjk shibuya

  • Kenjaku is the main villain and the creator of the JJK Shibuya Incident.
  • He is an ancient sorcerer with a tremendous knowledge of jujutsu who suffered many different eras.
  • He used his cursed technique to mark hundreds of people including civilians, sorcerers, and even cursed spirits and control their bodies and brains as a result.
  • He released a large number of cursed spirits into Shibuya including the special-grade cursed spirits Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon.
  • He has killed many civilians and sorcerers in his life, almost equals to Sukuna’s kill count.
  • He sealed Satoru Gojo inside the Prison Realm using the combined power of Mahito and Suguru Geto.

2. Sukuna

Sukuna jjk shibuya

Sukuna is the King of Curses and one of the most formidable characters in the Jujutsu universe. He is an extremely powerful special-grade cursed spirit.

  • He killed Jogo, the most powerful cursed spirit in Mahito’s group.
  • He killed Mimiko and Nanako, two young girls who were allies with Suguru Geto.
  • He killed countless people by destroying a significant portion of Shibuya with his Malevolent Shrine method.
  • He fought Mahoraga, one of the strongest shinigami in Jujutsu Kaisen. Sukuna was able to defeat Mahoraga, but it took a great deal of effort

3. Mahito

Mahito jjk shibuya villain

Mahito is a special-grade cursed spirit who is capable of manipulating souls. He was able to defeat many powerful sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident and he is only getting stronger.

  • Mahito killed several sorcerers, including Kento Nanami.
  • He transfigured a large number of people into cursed spirits.
  • He brought a train full of transfigured humans to Satoru Gojo’s location.
  • He fought Yuji Itadori and Todo Aoi, and he nearly killed them both.
    Also, killed Mechamaru (Kokichi Muta) in the beginning.

4. Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro in Shibuya Arc

Toji is a human who is not affected by cursed energy. He was highly trained in fighting techniques and using weapons. Toji was able to defeat Gojo in their first encounter and he is only one of a few people who can kill Sukuna.

  • He killed Dagon, one of the Three Kings of Curses.
  • He fought Megumi Fushiguro and nearly killed him.
  • He killed himself, after realizing Megumi is his own son and he has no control over his body.

5. Geto Suguru

Geto Suguru Villain

Geto is a former jujutsu sorcerer who turned to the dark side. He is an expert with evil spirits. He was able to gather a large amount of cursed spirits during the Shibuya Incident and he nearly succeeded in his goal of mass-murdering all non-sorcerers.

But only his body was used as Shibuya Villian because he was killed before Shibuya Incident by the hands of Gojo Satoru.

6. Hanami

Hanami Shibuya Arc

Hanami is a special-grade cursed spirit who is connected to nature. He is extremely strong and has control over plants, He appears as a villain in season 1 JJK but survives.

  • He was able to defeat many powerful sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident and he was only stopped by Gojo’s Domain Expansion.
  • He collaborated with Choso and Jogo to attack Satoru Gojo.
  • He was initially successful in surrounding Gojo and wounding him.
  • He was defeated by Gojo in a Domain Expansion battle.
    thousand transfigured humans.
  • Kento Nanami got injured by him and later died by Mahito’s hand.


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7. Dagon

Dagon - Villain of Shibuya Arc

Dagon is a special-grade cursed spirit who is connected to water. He is extremely strong and has control over water. He defeated many powerful sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident and was only stopped by Megumi’s Domain Expansion.

  • He defeated several jujutsu sorcerers, including Naobito Zenin the head of Zenin family.
  • He injures Maki Zenin but later gets defeated by Toji Fushiguro.
  • In Shibuya, he contributed to the anarchy and confusion.
    He created a serious threat to the jujutsu sorcerers and contributed to proving their strength.

8. Mahoraga

Mahoraga Shibuya Arc

Mahoraga is a special grade shikigami that is summoned by Megumi Fushiguro. It is the most powerful shikigami in existence and can defeat even Sukuna if luck is on her side.

However, It can easily turn against its summoner and it is also extremely hard to control. Megumi summoned Mahoraga in order to defeat Haruta Shigemo, who was attacking him.

  • Fought Sukuna
  • Defeated by Sukuna
  • Exorcised by Sukuna
  • Comment OP Sukuna

9. Uraume

Uraume - jjk Shibuya arc villain

Uraume is a special-grade cursed spirit who is very radiant, highly athletic, and has control over ice manipulation. He/She remains a serious threat to the jujutsu world and managed to assist Kenjaku in planning the Shibuya Incident.

  • Uraume ordered Haruta Shigemo to go around in Shibuya killing any black suits working for the sorcerers.
  • Uraune greeted Sukuna after Jogo was defeated and told him that they had come to escort him.
  • Uraune attacked Choso in battle and threatened to kill him by freezing.
  • Uraune was present when Sukuna transferred his soul into Megumi’s body.

10. Jogo

Shibuya Arc Villains

We are all aware of Jogo, the guy who was defeated by Satoru Gojo but survived somehow, and now he has come to join the list of villains in Shubya.

  • He killed fewer civilians but created a huge impact in Shibuya.
  • He took revenge for Dagon by burning Naobito, Nanami, and Maki.
  • He fed all Sukuna’s fingers he had in his possession to Yuji and revied Sukuna.
  • Later Sukuna killed Jogo but he commended him as a Strong fighter he fought in over past thousand years.
  • He may be in 10th position but definitely played crucial villain role in Shibuya Incident.

This is just a list of the top 10 strongest/main villains in the Shibuya Arc. There are many other powerful villains who could have been included, such as the Death Painting Choso but he becomes a good guy in the middle of Shibuya battels.

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