Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc Episode 2 Review – Gojo is Back!

Shibuya Arc ep 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc Episode 2 Mechamaru Vs Mahito

On 7 September 2023, Episode 2 of Shibuya Arc Aired, we witnessed full power battle between Mechamaru and Mahito.

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From the very beginning of the episode, we witness the fierce battle between Mahito and Mechamaru which ended without result in the first episode.

Mechamaru AKA Kokichi Mute was using his ultimate puppet prototype No.0  with his cursed power stored over the past years because of his body illness.

Mahito is still underestimating Mechmaru and he thinks he can’t hurt him at all,  He is simply dodging his attacks.

While Mechmaru still believes he can survive this 2 vs. 1 situation only if he can mange to contact Gojo Satoru anyway.

With Mecamaru’s stored cursed energy he is able to inflict damage on Mahito but his power can reshape his body with any desired being and size.

We witness a colorful canon attack coming from Mechamaru’s puppet with clean animation.

Mechamru keeps attacking with fist to direct hit Mahito, but he is always dodging every attack with speed and accuracy. He wants to hurt and damage Mahito’s soul in order to win the battle.

Then something unexpected happens when Mechamru uses his Injection tool capable of destroying the Soul of Mahito, His attitude and reaction escalate from 100 to 10 like he has seen a ghost which he saw on a daily basis.

Mahito flies away by changing his body shape in order to avoid any further soul damage, While Mechamru sees an opportunity to turn battle result by using 5 years’ worth of curse energy in the attack “Pigeon Viola”.

This particular scene was animated by the hardship of animators because every second there were 2-3 frames changing and Mahito was continuously changing his body from Gorilla to rat in order to dodge attack.

Just when Mechamaru was about to use his second injection, Mahito decides to use his Domain Expansion (Self Embodiment of Perfection) and captures Mechamaru. Confident Mahito turned his back on Mechamaru while Mechaboy was getting ready to use his Shadow Style Simple Domain.

With the help of this Simple domain, User can activate a circle that remains unaffected by any Domain Expansion power.

He used his simple domain with Injection to crush Mahito’s soul completely and it worked perfectly, Mahito’s soul gets crushed. Even Geto from the sideline received goosebumps after witnessing scenario.

Mechaboy was happy and the only one left was Geto, but as we know Shibuya Arc is called darkest arc for a reason and our happy boy gets attacked by Mahito from Blindspot.

He again tried to kill Mahito with one left injection in his bare hand but he failed and died, While we saw Kasumi who was talking with Kokichi’s puppet and promising to visit and meet his real body, and all good memories both shared together.

It was a sad moment to see someone fail after giving his 100% and there is someone waiting for your return.

People in Shibuya are enjoying their sweet time in Halloween with cosplay, unaware that this is going to be their last festival.

Curtain has fallen and the Shibuya Incident has begun, Everyone inside is packed and screaming for help and some of them are getting sucked away by a mysterious vacuum force.

A new team formation of Sorcerers are getting ready outside Shibuya to dive into battle and everyone is waiting for Gojo to make his appearance.

Gojo makes his appearance inside Shibuya after trespassing curtain.

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