10 Best Action Manhwa Recommendation

Best Action Manhwa Recommendation

If you love Action Manhwa filled with extreme battles, mind-blowing power users, and epic storylines, you have visited the right place. In this article, we have selected 10 Best Action Manhwa Recommendations for you guys to read and enjoy. So make sure to give a try to the mentioned Manhwa and drop your favorite names in a comment.

List of Top 10 Action Manhwa to Read


1. The Breaker

The Breaker Manhwa Preview


Our MC, Shioon is a weak and nervous high academy student who’s constantly bullied by a gang of thugs.

One day he saw his schoolteacher Chun-Woo defeat a group of thugs and he was inspired to be strong just like his teacher. She doesn’t ask Chun- Woo to train him but Chun- Woo refuses saying that Shioon’s determination is not enough to get stronger.

Shioon begins training on his own he soon discovers that he has a natural gift for martial arts and he quickly becomes stronger. His new strength and ability come with a huge price. Shioon was drawn into a dangerous World of Martial arts and violence, Now he must use all of his strengths and power to survive. 

2. Peerless dad

Peerless dad - Action Manhwa

Noh Ga Jang is a martial artist who has been through a lot in his life. He fought in wars, lost loved ones, and faced numerous challenges but through it all, he has no way given up.

Now, Noh Ga Jang is a father. He has a youthful son named Daiho and he’s determined to raise him to be a strongman. Noh Ga Jang knows that the world can be a dangerous place and he wants to make sure that Daiho has the strength to survive.

Noh Ga Jang begins to train Daiho in the ways of martial arts. Her father taught him to how to fight, defend himself, and make his body and mind stronger. Daiho was learning fast and he soon masters the martial arts. As Daiho becomes an adult he begins to face his own challenges.

He’s bullied at the academy and he’s forced to make delicate choices but through it all, he remembers the legends that his father has tutored him he stays strong he noway gives up and he always fights for what’s right. 

3. Burning Effect

Burning Effect Manhwa

In the year 2042, World has become a living example of Hell. Crime is spreading and the Government has introduced a policy of capital punishment for even minor offenses.

In this harsh new world, only the strong survive. In the worst area of the city, a youthful woman named Burner is struggling to survive. She was being touted by rich people on a daily basis and she is on the verge of being killed but giving up is not in her blood.

Her determination was strong to survive and protect herself and the people she loves. One day Burner is caught up in a fight between law enforcement and the Revolutionary Army in the chaos. She’s exposed to a mysterious substance that gives her power to control fire with this new power, Burner is eventually suitable to fight against those who have made her suffer and she can have her vengeance.

4. The god of high school

The god of high school

The god of high school is a Manhwa about Martial Arts Tournament that takes place in Sea Alcaria. The tournament was open to all high school students and the winner is granted any wish they desire.

Jin Mori is a high school student blessed in martial arts. Jin Mori was ready to enter the tournament, just to complete his grandfather’s wish but, he soon realizes that there is something more to the tournament than he can see.

5. 4 cut hero

Action Manhwa - 4 cut hero

Our MC, Toven Zeed is a hero who defeated the demon king and saved the princess but In reality, the princess turned out to be a prince and now Toven is a shot in NEET who plays games all day.

One day Toven was transported to a world full of mystical creatures. Now, Toven is scared and wants to return back home but he soon realizes that this new world is full of danger. He must use all of the skills and powers he accumulated by playing games and use it to survive in this new world and he must also find a way to return home.


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6. Trace

Manhwa Trace

The world is in chaos because aliens have raided Earth and are destroying everything in their path. The only people who can stop them are Trace( mortal with extraordinary strength).

Sah Gang Kwon is a high academy pupil blessed with the capability of” Trace”. He trained hard and use his powers to protect his city from aliens. Kim Yun Seong is a 30-year-old man who lately acquired the capability to Trace. He was a former trace ability user who fight against the brutes and protect the innocent.

Gang Kwon and Yun Seong are two kinds of different people but both have the same thing of saving the world from aliens together, they will face extreme challenges and fight for their future humanity.

7. Red Storm

Red Storm Action Manhwa

Yulian Provoke is the leader of the Paria Tribe( a small tribe living in the Red Desert). The Red Desert is a dangerous place full of monsters and bandits. Yulian dreams of getting the strongest legion naire in the Red Desert.

Yulian begins her trip by training with her master Noya. Noya was a professed legion naire who tutored Yulian everything he knew about combat. Yulian trained hard to become a professional skill Warrior, and he began to explore the Red Desert on his own.

Yulian’s trip takes him to numerous dangerous places and he faces many challenges. He fought against monsters, bandits, and other soldiers. Yulian is willing to do anything to become the strongest in the Red Desert. Try this Action Manhwa and it’ll surely be worth it.

8. Vagrant Soldier Ares

Vagrant Soldier Ares

In the year 380, The Roman Empire has fallen and the world is now divided into many small Kingdoms. In the Kingdom of Cronos, a group of Young Warriors are training to become the best soldiers in the land.

Mikael, Baroona, and Gohue are three young warriors who were orphans. They suffered a lot in their lives, and one thing was common, they all determined to become the best soldier for their homeland.

The three of them are also very close friends and they always have each other’s backs. Soon, the trio of friends become skilled warriors in Kingdom. If you are a fan of action manhwa then you should consider reading for once.

9. After School War activities

After School War activities

Soon Bin is a young man who dreams of becoming a great writer. He works hard and studies day and night to achieve his goals. However, Soon Bin realizes that the life of a writer is not what he expected.

He is overworked and underpaid and he’s constantly Under Pressure to produce high-quality work. One day Soon Bin decides to retire from his job and moved to the countryside. He buys a small farm and starts a new life Soon Bin is much happier in the countryside he has more time to relax and enjoy his Hobbies.

He also has more time to spend with his family and friends Soon Bin’s story is a reminder that it is important to find a job that you love, if you are not happy with your current job there is no shame in starting over. You should consider reading once if you are looking for a good story plot and Action in Manhwa.

10. The boxer

Best Action Manhwa

The Boxer is an Action manhwa about a young man named Gene Mori who dreams of becoming the world’s best boxer. Mori has a natural talent but he has a lot to learn about the world of boxing.

He trains hard and learns from some of the best trainers in the world but, He faces many challenges. Mori has faced a lot in his past and he was raised in an orphanage so he often gets bullied by others. This has left a scar on his heart and he is holding grudge for years.

Mori has to learn to control his anger and channel it into his boxing. You should definitely read this Action Manhwa you will be surprised by Charcater’s development.

Hope you Manhwa Lover can enjoy the best Action Manhwa I have mentioned and for more Manhwa recommendations visit Manhwa section on our website.

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