10 Best Manhwa to Read That Keeps You Hooked From Start

Top Manhwa to Read

If you looking for Best Manhwa to Read that keeps you hooked from start to end, I have created a list of 10 Manhwa that you should must read and give a try.

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List of 10 Best Interseting Manhwa 2023

Ranking has nothing to do with storyline, Consider yourself reading the Story of every mentioned Manhwa Title and Hope you enjoy.

10. My Wife is a Demon Queen

My Wife is a Demon Queen - Top Manhwa to Read credit – Merakiscans

I would recommend this Manhwa to read who like the overpowered or smart MC. What can you expect to see in My Wife is a Demon Queen? Well, you have the classic Edtech with a normal human being who is transferred to another world because of a ring that seems unique and you are thinking about an overpowered MC with a hidden power.

The MC is just a normal boy, he won’t shine with magic spells normal with swordsmanship. He has no magic at all. Unlike the demon queen who’s perfect in both. MC will become what they call Smiths and craftsmanship. To summarize, the MC will draw, and by thinking about the mechanism of what he is drawing, he can create objects kind of like the DC Universe’s Green Lantern.

I recommend this Fantasy Romance because If you have not read it yet, you will be pleased to read it.

9. The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player

The Tutorial Tower Of The Advanced Playercredit – Asura Scan

I think this is a very interesting Manhwa to read. At first, you will think it is a story about a powerful MC. While it is true the MC is extremely strong, this manhwa does have a great job utilizing the characters.

There are many moments of comedy, action, and emotion. However, the story is very intriguing for readers. Additionally, the art is also very good and the action scenes are done quite well. The characters are very funny and have a great personality.

Our MC Kim was trapped in a tower full of monsters regenerating and he survived so you know Kim is as strong as anyone on earth. Now that he is free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters and inadvertently save the world along the way.

8. Overgeared 

Overgeared - Manhwa to readcredit – Reaper Scans

The beginning of Manhwa is slow and the main character is not really smart, but as time passes, the main character’s personality becomes more and more interesting and apparent.

Interesting concept Shin Yung Wu, an unlucky man in the life of a low-level player in the popular VR game Satisfy, finds a powerful item that earns him a rare legendary class title, Pagma’s successor.

Now he has the power of a skilled blacksmith who is capable of forging any weapon and most powerful gear. Now he is aiming for wealth and fortune but he soon realise the new ability is more than he can handle and more troublesome.

7. The Player That Can’t Level UpThe Player who can't Level Up - New Manhwa credit – Asura Scan

Our main character Kim Gigi awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought now he has unlock the path to success, after climbing the tower and gates. But even after clearing the tutorial, he was level one.

He killed a goblin a day and was still level 1. Even after five years, he was still level 1. It was surprising to see this kind of player even exist.

The webtoon seems really interesting. It really reminds me of solar leveling of the weakest character turning up to be the strongest one. The art and the characters are also pretty interesting, This is a Top Manhwa to read.

6. Villain to Kill 

Villain to kill - underrated manhwa to read

You can expect the art to be good. These are two kinds of people with special abilities. The villains are driven by evil desires and Psychers who pursue justice and work against villains.

Our MC, Cassian Lee was Top tier Psyker with a Kind heart, but he was killed by his friend, Lampas. Following all the commotion events, Cassian ends up in a body of 18-year-old high school boy who becomes a villain. Will he be able to stay kind-hearted or he will start his villain arc.

Read here – Villan to kill

5. Second Life of a Gangster

Second Life of a Gangster - best manhwa to read

The story and main character both are interesting. I can assure you Manhwa is really good. It’s interesting how he is trying to correct all his mistakes.

Oh Joong Seok, is a 41-year-old man who did all kinds of misdeeds and put his life on the line for the organization to gain the highest position. But in the end, he was killed by his own subordinates.

When Joong Seok wakes up, he understands now he is reborn as 17. year old and life has given him a second chance, so read to know he will utilize his second chance.


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4. Taming Master

Taming Mastercredit – Asura Scan

Our mc Jinsong may look like your average college student, but in the harsh VR world of Kalyan, he’s a mighty level 93 Archer. So when he finally, and I mean suddenly, I guess, resets his character, everyone thinks he’s totally nuts. What they don’t realize is that Jinsong has unlocked a powerful new Hidden Class.

Now taming monsters is hard and leveling up is time-consuming, but his Teacher threatens to fail him. Jinsong has just two months to level up and achieve glory as the one and only taming Master.

If you like Overgeared, I would definitely recommend reading this as it has many similarities to Hidden Class Opmc’s

3. BlackSun

BlackSun - Manhwa

The main character is wanted by a 6th circle held demon, a boy who has no knowledge of the burden he carries or the evil that lurks in the dark.

Searching for him since birth, he will soon feel the weight of being the last hope of ninjas as well as the last flame of humanity. This web tune is really lit. It takes place in a fantasy world where ninjas and demons exist.

Mostly ninjas work as exorcists to hunt and exercise demons. The art of this web tune is quite good. It shines the most during fight scenes. Overall, it’s an awesome web tune with both a good story and awesome art.

2. The Ink Apprentice 

The Ink Apprentice - Fantasy Manhwa

Story is about a girl and a dragon with one wing who started their dangerous journey into the shadows of a haunted house to save a magician with no face.

The magician is trapped in that house for hundreds of years, so the girl and the dragon have to cooperate in order to free him and fix their own broken English and bones.

The art of this web tune is gorgeous, but sometimes it becomes inconsistent because it’s a canvas web tune.

The story is also a mix of good humor and an original plot. The characters are interesting and you will good world-building. The only problem with this web tune is that each chapter is divided into many subchapters which are very short.

1. Clark Walker Empire

Clark Walker Empire - Top Manhwa to read

The hero of the mercenary unit is our MC Hernandez Bangador. He’s working as an Imperial knight. He’s resourceful and favored by the 1st Princess of the empire, so he is called an Imperial Knight.

The story unfolds when the first Princess takes a protagonist to try on the Da Vinci series armor and he gets involved in a battle for the throne. The main character is smart and knows a lot about machines.

They are some story elements and artwork inspired by Warhammer. In it, the main storyline is quite good. It involves war and political disagreement between siblings.

The art is also good but sometimes it becomes inconsistent, but that’s not a huge problem. Side characters are also written well. This Manhwa is underrated and it’s a must-try for Mecca genre fans.

We have mentioned 10 Best Manhwa to Read for Manhwa Lovers to consider reading every single one of them once. For more Manhwa recommendations, visit our Manhwa Section to find more.

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