Top 5 New Viral Anime in July

Viral Anime in July 2023 - Top new anime

In the month of July, there are several New anime and New Season of Anime has been released. There are some most awaited new Seasons Like Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Horimiya: The Missing Pieces, Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 & of course Bleach TYBW Part 2.

They are the top anime in the month of July, but we have a list of new anime performing excellently in the month of July and worth watching if you it interesting.

List of Top New Anime in July 2023 –


1. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead - Viral anime

I’ll be honest the Anime Zom 100 really has a new concept and storyline, Weebs who are watching anime for years will understand that sometimes plots are very predictable and very similar to ones you have already watched.

Episode 1 is enough for you to understand the unique animation style and story plot.

Story – Akira Tendo is a 24-year-old office worker who is always working overtime, underpaid, and has no social life. One morning when he wakes up he found out the world is suffering from Zombie Apocalypse and everyone around her has become a zombie. It was the perfect moment for Akira to get relief from all his burdens from his job and he was actually very happy to see Zombie Apocalypse. He made a list of 100 things wants to do before he dies and sets out to complete them.

2. My Happy Marriage 

My Happy Marriage - Miyo

My Happy Marriage is one of the top Airing anime on Netflix right now, and the animation and story plot is really worth the time. Anime has both SUB and English DUB available for every new episode.

Story – Miyo is the main character of the anime and she was living a life of hell because of her stepmother and stepsister. She was a child when she lost her mother and because she does not possess any Psychic power everyone treated her like a maid in her own house. Her father decided to marry her to Military commander Kyoka, who was rumored to be a ruthless and cruel man. After marriage, she finds out that Kyoka is not a bad person but a kind-hearted man who loves her.

3. Dark Gathering 

Dark Gathering - Viral anime of July

In the category of Horror, Dark Gathering is trending right now. If you have any interest in watching Horror anime you can give it a try.

Story – Our main character Keitaro was attacked by a spirit when he was coming back from school. He was saved by a girl name Yayoi Hozuki, who can see spirits. Yayoi tells Keitaro to control his power to see spirits or his life will be in danger. Yayoi explains the types of ghosts: Good spirits and Bad spirits. Good Spirits are harmless on the other hand Bad Spirits are dangerous.

4. Liar Liar

Anime Liar Liar - Episode 1

Story – Hiroto is a transferred student at Island Academy where everything is settled through “Games” and on his very first day he beats the strongest empress of the school unexpectedly. He bluffs about being the strongest and the best in front of every student with the help of red star he earned by defeating the empress, which allows user to speak lie and everyone will believe it.

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5. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses 

Ai Mie from Anime - The girl I like forgot her glasses

Well, the anime title can be a good explanation for anime plot. 

Story – Ai Mei is a girl with poor vision and she often forgets to bring her glasses to class. Kaede Komura is her deskmate and he is always ready to help her. He likes the way she looks without her glasses. Story is very beautiful if are willing to watch a good romance and comedy anime so be it.

All the above-mentioned are the top 5 viral anime in July month and you should watch and enjoy them also while watching One Piece, Bleach & Jujutsu Kaisen.

Source – Form different anime streaming websites and anime communities.


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