Top 5 Anime Like Classroom for Heroes

Anime Like Classroom For Heroes

We have created a list of Anime like Classroom For Heroes and trust me, the list mentioned below is goated and created on purpose, so everyone who enjoyed watching Classroom for Hero are also going enjoy the anime we mentioned in our list. Let’s read the story about “Classroom for Heroes” first.

Story of Classroom for Heroes 

Our main character of the story is named Blade who gets transferred into Rosewood Academy which is considered to be an Elite hero school.

There is a girl name Arnest Flaming and she is a powerful mage in Academy, Blade is also considered to be as strong as Arnest.

Arnest and Blade both are assigned to the same training program, soon they both considered each other Rivals and also learned to work with each other. When their academy gets attacked by a group of monsters they fought together in order to protect their classmates.

They were victorious, but. Blade left the academy. Now Arnest knows Balde is a hero so, she is determined to bring him back to help save the kingdom from any threat.

List of anime similar to Classroom For Hero


1. High School Dxd 

Rias Gremory - High school dxd

Anime with the most loyal fan base, The King of Ecchi Anime High School DxD. 

I believe most of the people who are here to get recommendations for anime like Classroom For Heroes. If have not watched High School DxD, you can just start it after reading story preview.

Our main character Issei Hyoda is a high school boy, who possesses a power that he is currently unaware. One day while coming back from school a girl approaches Issei and proposes to him by saying “I like you”. You should know that it’s a dream come true for Issei and he gets flustered.

Both decided to go on a date and our Issie was so happy about his first date with a beautiful girl. Issei enjoyed his date and he was happy but here comes the plot, she is a fallen angel assigned to kill him and she kills Issei on his first date and makes fun of Issei while he was dying.

Issei was remembering Rias, The prettiest girl from his High School in his last moment and She actually appears in front of him and reincarnate him as Devil and as one of her servants. Watch anime to know the story.

2. Strike of The Blood

Strike of the Blood - anime like classroom for heroes

In the city of Itogami Island, there are three species that coexist with each other: Humans, Vampires, and Devil. To maintain peace between the all faction there is a vampire hunter named Kojou Akatsuki. His nickname is “Sword King”.

One day, A girl named Yukina Himeragi a vampire hunter from church, saved Kojou when he was getting attacked by a powerful vampire. Church has given a task to Yukina to investigate, if Kojou is a threat to humanity or not.

In her investigation, she found out that Kojou is not just a simple vampire but he has the power to create other vampires. 

When this news spreads, A mysterious organization starts planning to use the power of Kojou for their own benefit.

Now, Kojou has to protect the people he loves and prevent the world from the cause of chaos.

3. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

In the world, there are two types of magicians: Blazers and Non-Blazers. Blazers are born with magic power on the other hand Non-Blazers have to train for years to use magic.

Our main character Ikki Kurogane is a Non-Blazer who dreams of becoming a Blazer. He gets accepted into the prestigious Hagun Academy, he is the only one who is Non-Blazer in Academy.

One day, Ikki gets assigned a new student in his dorm room Stella Vermillion, she is also a princess. firstly Stella gets irritated with Ikki because of his lack of talent but soon she comes to respect his determination and fighting spirit.

You are definitely going to love this anime if you like watching Classroom for Heroes. Our main character Ikki proves to the whole world that even a Non-Blazer can become a powerful magician.

4. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid X Heart

Here in the world of Ataraxia, there are two types of people: Those with Hybrid Heart Gear and Those without HHG. HHG is considered a powerful weapon against enemies and monsters.

Our main character is Kizuna Hida, who is a high school student who wants to be a knight but he is considered to be Non-Hybrid.

Anime Hybrid X Heart Magias is Ecchi anime so expect nothing less from the story plot.

One day, Our protagonist gets attacked by a monster but he was saved by a girl with HHG and she even says you can become a knight if you learn to use HHG.

Kizuna Hida even has a special power you will see in anime, overall while watching anime you will not get bored because there are bunch of beautiful girls as supporting characters for Kizuna.


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5. Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Five Supreme Swords

You will find quite similarities between the anime Classroom For Heroes and Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, So if you are interested in anime with a similar plot as Classroom For Heroes then here you go.

Main character of the story Fudou Nomura is a Misfit who gets expelled from his old school and transfers to a private school, But to survive here in school he has to become a crossdresser.

Here in Private Academy, there is a group of girls who call themselves “Supreme Five Swords” and they suppress the male gender but Nomura is not going to get suppressed by anyone and you are going to enjoy the show.

I have given you a list of 5 anime like Classroom for Heroes you can enjoy watching it and if you are looking for more anime recommendations check out other posts.
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