Fans are disappointed after watching Luffy Gear 5 Teaser


Every One Piece Fan was so excited about the Gear 5 release on 6th August meanwhile, on 22 July 2023 the official One Piece Youtube channel released a Teaser for Gear 5 and everyone gets excited to watch. Still, there was a catch in Trailer. Most people were unable to accept the animation in Trailer.

You can watch the full trailer here –


Many believe the animation is fan-made. Many who watch the trailer thought this will be part of episode 1071 and were really disappointed because of animation was not as they imagined. 

This trailer spoiled many non-manga readers and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch One Piece Gear 5 without spoilers was officially spoiled by the official trailer, quite Ironic.

Here are some Screenshots I have added which made people think it is Fan-made animation.

Gear 5 Teaser Scene

Luffy gear 5 vs Kaido from trailer


I am not the one who is criticizing the animation but you can’t expect every One Piece fan to understand that this is just a part of trailer and the original episode will be 1000x Better than the trailer.

It’s true that they should have worked more on the trailer or simply they should not have released the trailer in the first place. I completely understand they were on break for 1 week and to create more hype for Gear 5 their marketing team decided to release a trailer but they did coast-cutting in the trailer.

I am done with the negative thing, I can’t criticize my favorite anime so Everyone please stay patient. I have also posted an article about why Gear 5 is going to break the internet and also their animator’s list.

Luffy Gear 5 Break the Internet? – Gear 5 Animators Reveal

Luffy Gear 5 Failed Internet Breaking?

Luffy Gear 5 indeed broke the internet but due to animation being cartoonish or you can say goofy, half of the fandom feels disappointed in comparison to the hype marketing team of One Piece was trying to create.

After watching teaser we thought it was specially made for promotional purposes and we could expect good animation in the original episode 107,1 but we were wrong. Gear 5 broke the internet because of fandom love and support. but, the Gear 5 animation was a failure to create hype in anime community.

TOEI Animation realized their animation was not making fans happy so they decided to increase their animation quality and smoothness with stunning animation after 1073 episode.

Must read article – 
One Piece EP 1074 Surpass Naruto’s Brayon mode & Goku’s UI in Animation

The above-mentioned article proved why TOEI Animation is reliable and built with expert team of animators. After one week break they created a 9.9/10 rated episode with really awesome animation so fans can enjoy it without any complaints.

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