7 Anime like The Great Cleric (Highly Recommended)

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Anime: The Great Cleric is about a man who is a hardworking salaryman ready to receive his promotion but he was killed in a tragedy, Later he was reincarnated by god in a world of magic and he chose to become a Helar and starts his Journey as 15 year old.

If you are looking for Anime like The Great Cleric, I have created a list of 7 animes similar to The Great Cleric, and they are definitely worth watching.

List of Anime similar to The Great Cleric


7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Anime like The Great Cleric

There is another name for this anime “DanMachi” If don’t want to type much.

Our main character in the story is Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old boy who wants to be the greatest adventurer in the world. He was not strong enough to join high-level Familia but he was accepted by Goddess Hestia and the same goes around, Goddess Hestia doesn’t have any followers and Bell was his only follower.

Later Bell starts his Journey to become an adventure and he was doing good and making a name for himself and Hestia Familia.

Bell meets a girl name, Ais Wallenstein, She was a powerful swordwoman and She becomes Bell’s crush. Ais is from one of the strongest Familia, Loki Familia.

Just like that Bell decides to get strong so he can Ais heart one by being the strongest adventure out there.

I will recommend you “DanMachi” It ISEKAI & Mythological mix anime you will definitely gonna enjoy.

6. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba - Anime like The Great Cleric

If you like the anime “The Great Cleric” you are definitely going to enjoy watching Konosuba.

Our protagonist Kazuma Satou dies from a sudden Heart attack and the reason was quite hilarious. After his death he meets Goddess Aqua, She offers Kazuma a chance to get reincarnated as an adventurer in Fantasy world.

Goddess Aqua says he can have anything in order to defeat the Demon King in Fantasy World, But here comes Kazuma in clutch and ask Goddess Aqua for herself to be his partner in Fantasy World.

Both were transferred to Fantasy World together and formed a party with the archwizard Megumin and the crusader Darkness.

Four of them started their journey but the issue was Kazuma is a skilled strategist and Fighter but lazy and cowardly. Goddess Aqua pretends to be strong but she is clumsy and airheaded. Megumi is a powerful mage but she can only use one powerful attack a day. Darkness is a good fighter but she is a masochist.

This is the story overview and anime full of comedy from episode one & Konosuba is one of the famous Isekai anime, So you can go ahead and enjoy the anime.

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero -The Rising of the Shield Hero

Our protagonist is 20 years old Japanese otaku named Naofumi Iwatani who was summoned to another world along with 3 other men from Japan.

Everyone receives a legendary weapon in order to protect the world from Waves of Destruction.

Naofumi Iwatani receive a Shield as a weapon which was not powerful as other weapons given to other three. He was also the one who was not accompanied by Beautiful women as other three with powerful weapons and he was discriminated against by people of the world.

Despite the challenge, Naofumi refuses to give up. He starts training hard in order to become strong and later he made a young demihuman girl named Raphtalia his friend and she also becomes his loyal companion.

Together both Naofumi and Raphtalia set out on a journey to defeat Waves Of Destruction and on the journey they made new friends and allies.

The story is full of action and if you are interested in dark fantasy Isekai anime. While watching ”The Rising of The Shield Hero” you will also edge of your seat because of the unpredictable plot.

4. Overlord

Overlord - Similar to The Great Cleric

Overlord anime is something worth watching for every Isekai anime fan out there. Overload anime has 4 seasons, So you don’t have to wait and just keep binge-watching.

Yggdrasil is the name of a popular online game that is about to shut down permanently. Momomga, a. veteran player who dedicated his whole life to the game decided to stay logged in until the very end.

However, when the servers completely shut down something happens and he found himself trapped inside the game with all his character abilities and powers intact.

Momonga is now only human left inside the game full of monsters and NPCs. He decides to change his name to Ainz Ooal Gown and begin his journey in the new world.

He encounters a variety of new creatures both friendly and hostile and started to learn about the new world.

If you are interested in anime like The Great Cleric and want to try something best you can watch Overlord.


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3. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Re Zero - Dark Fantasy Anime

Anime Re:Zero is not a happy Anime like The Great Cleric but it is a dark anime which keeps getting darker by every episode but definitely worth watching.
Our protagonist Subaru Natsuki, a high school student who is suddenly transported to a fantasy world.

Once he entered the fantasy world he ended up getting killed and revived and found himself repeating the same day over and over again.

Subaru realizes that he has the power to “Return by Death” which allows him to go back in time to fix the problem

Subaru uses his power to protect the people he cares about in the world and to protect them and save them he has to die again and again to move back in time to stop bad things from happening but he found that the world is more dangerous than he imagined.

He has to use his all might and strength to protect loved ones and break the cycle of death and rebirth.

I recommend you to watch it if, you are interested in the story and ready for dark fantasy anime.

2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Our protagonist Satoru Mikami is a 37-year-old worker living in Tokyo.

He was living a boring life and he didn’t even have a girlfriend to make life worthwhile.

One day, a robber stabbed him to death and while dying he was thinking about how boring life he lived and wished he can live an exciting life.

Satoru wakes up in a strange place and he was not a human anymore but a Slime, creature with no physical form and offensive abilities

But later he realizes he has an ability to absorb power from other creatures he comes in contact with. And he started to make his body take shape at will and manipulate it.

While wandering here and there he meets a dragon named Veldora Tempest who was sealed away in a cave for 300 years and both have good conversations and become friends.

Satoru even freed Veldora Tempest and he started to understand the nature of his power and defeated the monster and even protect villages from other monsters

Anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” has a large amount fan following of Isekai lovers so you should give it a try.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online - The Great Cleric

Here comes our number one contender for Anime like The Great Cleric, Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online (SAO) Is a virtual reality multiplayer online game released in anime. SAO is created by Akihiko Kayaba, a genius computer scientist who is also a creator of device NerveGear, a device made to experience Sword Art Online as if the player is inside the game.

Sword Art Online becomes world-famous and many players throughout the world purchase game with NerveGear to experience an immense level of gaming.

But there was a catch. Once anyone enters inside the game he cannot log out and he will remain trapped inside the game unless they reach the 100th floor and defeat the boss.

If the player dies inside the game he will die in reality by shock in the brain by NerveGear attached to the head.

Inside the game, there is a young man and our main character Kazuto Kirigaya, and his name inside the game is Kirito.

Kirito understood the game quickly and started to raise the level and rank higher in SAO. He meets a girl named Asuna Yuuki, another player trapped inside a game willing to escape the game & both because close friends.

There are many challenges waiting for both of them and they are willing to do anything to escape the game into reality.

Watch the anime to see if both of them survive and whether they were able to get back into reality or not.

You are definitely gonna love the anime I mentioned and enjoy it. I have recommended 7 anime like The Great Cleric and you can watch any of them from any sequence, ranking has nothing to do with story rank.

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