(No Power) Zoro Vs Ichigo – Sword Fight – Who would Win?

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Zoro VS Ichigo, Swordsmanship fight (No Power) who is winning? – This question was asked on Twitter by Tomo name user and it is certainly a genuine question, I will be answering it precisely.

Zoro vs Ichigo

Zoro vs Ichigo - No power

Zoro is Training for swordsmanship from a very early age and he was not just training simply in Kendo but going in nature and training for a special 3 sword style with heavy weight so certainly we can say Zoro is an absolute beast in swordfights.

While Ichigo was a simple high school boy and he has to become Substitute Soul Reaper in order to save his dear one, He has not trained enough for a sword fight, he mostly relies on his Soul Reaper power for everything and if we happen to take that power away he will be defeated by Zoro easily.

Zoro Wins in the battle of swordfight without any powerups.

What If Zoro receives Soul Reaper Training? – Can he beat Ichigo or any other Squad Captain from Bleach Verse?

Another mind-blowing question by me now…

Usually unlocking Bankai takes 10 years of training but our boy Ichigo achieves Bankai in 3 days with the help of Urahara and his age was 15. For your information, Ichigo is 27 years old after Timeskip.

Excepting Ichigo (Main Character) every Captain is aged roughly 1000+

Well If I say Zoro somehow gets only 10 years of training in Bleach verse, I believe his more than enough to take most of the Bleach captain on ease, Because we all know how fast Zoro’s growth rate was in One Piece, bro only takes 2 years to come stronger to defeat most of the enemy.

You will ask how can Zoro enter in Bleach Verse… Bro go watch One Piece, He can go in and out of any anime verse.

Childhood Of Roronoa Zoro

Kid Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is a character known by almost every Anime viewer and one the best side character one can think of is from Anime One Piece.

When Zoro was a child he used to hear tales about legendary swordsmen and always wanted to be one himself but, when he was just a child, his village get attacked by bandits and he lost his family members and become the sole survivor.

After all those grief and pain his only goal was to get stronger so he can never lose something pernicious to him ever again and started training on her own.

Eventually, Zoro encounters a legendary swordsman named Koshiro. He recognized Zoro’s potential and become his mentor to train him. Under Koshiro’s guidance, Zoro learns everything one swordmen need to know and sharpen his skills.

Childhood of Zoro was just training and strengthening his body power, he was dead serious about proving himself to the world and fulfilling his promise to his rival and friend Kushina, who lost her life in mystery. Along the way, Zoro meets the pirate named Monkey D. Luffy and becomes his very first crewmate. Zoro was widely famous with a name called Pirate Hunter because he use to fight everyone who called themself swordsmen and defeat them.

If you watch One Piece you can never hate Zoro. He is the definition of loyalty and hard work. Anyone who watches Zoro can take a lot of inspiration in life to work hard and stay focused on your Goal.

Zoro has named himself as the best swordsman for the entire Anime Verse and his journey to becoming number is still far but soon he will have his chance to battle Mihawak and defeat him to become number.

Childhood of Ichigo Kurosaki

Kid Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki lived ordinary childhood, growing up in the town of Karakura. From a very early age, he choose to protect what he thought was right. His father owns a clinic and with all the people coming in pain he builds a helping nature.

But when he grew more Ichigo noticed he can see ghost around places. Firstly he was scared by all the sudden change but later it become natural for him too see spirts and he also cared about them. But little did he know why he can see things which normal people can’t.

Here come a Soul Reaper name Rukia Kuchki who changed the life of ordinary school student to being a substitute Soul Reaper. To protect his sister Ichigo becomes a soul reaper in order to defeat a Hollow (evil spirit), Rukia only choose to give this power to Ichigo because he saw imense potential inside him.

Now with his new power he has to faced harder challenges. Along the way, he meets with fellow soul reapers, humans, and even spirits. Their friendship and grow stronger over the time and he has a duty to maintain balance of World of dead and living.

Ichigo’s childhood is more darker than anyone can think, he lost his mother in early age and there was partial his fault which lead her mother to die. His mother was Quincy and his fahter was strong Soul Reaper, that’s the reason Ichigo started to see ghost and his fate was sealed.

In the Anime, we have not seen many scenes of Ichigo’s childhood or past but we know he was a kind soul just wanted to help and love his family and loved once.

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