Luffy Gear 5 Break the Internet ? – Gear 5 Animators Reveal


Gear 5… Gear 5… Gear 5…When you open Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit Everywhere.

Let me tell you something the Hype is Real, Even the Non-One Piece viewers know about the upcoming episode on the 6th August 2023 Sunday. 

You must have seen this particular image even if don’t read the manga.

Luffy Gear 5 - One Piece                                                              (Credit – Rare HD Wallpapers)

I have seen this particular image and the main form of Luffy Gear 5 (Sun God Nika) countless times and Now, finally time to see the greatest episode in history to be animated.

Mark my words… Episode 1071, Luffy Gear 5 is going to create the history in Anime Industry and will definitely break the internet.

Why Luffy Gear 5 will Break the Internet?

Imagine millions of people from every corner of the world clicking on the same episode once it gets released, My friend there is no server in the world to handle this amount of traffic on a website or application.

We have already seen TOIE Animation work in Episodes 1061 & 1062.

Their animation has soo good… like no comparison, They just prove their Budget is unlimited and they are ready to show the best episode to One Piece fandom.

All Thanks to One Piece Loyal Fandom and why not they show this much love to One Piece, The only anime in history to be continue since 1999 and still on the Top of all anime with ongoing manga.

One Piece Gear 5 Animation Staff!! 

Director of episode 1071 – Megumi Ishitani

  • She has already directed one of the beautiful One Piece episodes 1015 – Straw Hat Luffy The Man Who Will Become King of The Pirates, as well as episode 957 – Big News an Incident that will affect seven warlords and Episode 982 – Kaidos Trump Card! The Tobi Roppo Appear.

Director of episode 1072 –  Tatsuya Nagamine

  • Tatsuya Nagamine has directed Dragon Ball Broly & One Piece Film Z, Episode 1072 is going to be fight oriented and he is the master in animating fight scenes.

Key Animator – Weilin Zhang

  • He is the man famous for animating Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki hand-to-hand combat scene and Gigantomax Charizard scene in Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 7.

Second Key Animator – Bahi JD

  • She has already worked with Megumi Ishitani in episode 1015 for animating Yamato vivre card scene and many other scenes during the episode.

Legendary Animator – Shinya Ohira

  • He is known as a legendary animator because of his mastery of emotional scenes animation and he will be working on episode 1071, In which Hiori reveals her feeling to Orochi.

Another Legendary Animator – Takashi Kojima

  • Well known for working on Naruto, Fate Series, Attack on Titan season 4 & Recent work on One Piece Opening 24, Also he has animated Red-Roc in episode 1015 One Piece.

The above-mentioned are only known animators, for now, there are many other animators working on the episode but their names are yet to be revealed.

TOIE ANIMATION “For Those people who reveal any photo or clip of Episode 1071, 1072 before official release in Japan, Will be reported.”

This is the official statement released by TOIE Animation, So we can understand they are not playing around.

Many people just recently started One Piece after seeing this amount of Hype about Gear 5, but we all know that you should not skip arc and episode just to get caught up to latest episode. It’s all about the journey, We all know Luffy will become the “King of the Pirates” one day, but how he will become king of the Pirates matter.

So don’t skip the arc and episode there are still days left before the release so I wish you the best of luck if you are behind in episode and if you have already caught up and read manga then here is our Manga chapter 1087 review you should read.

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