One Piece Chapter 1087 Review – Aokiji Killed Garp?


One Piece Manga and Anime have both been on fire for the past year with every chapter and episode getting some amazing fights and backstory reveals. In manga chapter 1086 we saw 5 Elders and Imu Sama with Sabo contacting Monkey D Dragon, by the end of the chapter there was new character introduced named Saint Garling Figarland.

After 5 week’s break, we finally received chapter 1087 focused on Garp and Aokiji. So let’s review One Piece chapter 1087.

Firstly I like the chapter cover page, it was cute to see Capybara bathing with Ace.

One Piece chapter 1087

Moving on to the main Question, Is Garp going to die by the hand of Aokiji? 

Answer – Yes(59%) & No(41%)

Garp death, Onepiece 1087

We see that Shiryu stabs Garp deep in the belly, But Garp punches him and knocks him out on the ground. Just after the stabbing moment Pirates on HACHINOSU try to attack him and we get another info about Garp’s bounty is worth Three Billion Berries.

Before they can attack Garp, here comes the Aokiji, stop them saying they can’t defeat Garp even if they tie up the arms and legs of Garp.

Then we see the Flashback of Aokiji when he was a newbie and he want to be Garps pupil and train under him, and how Garp train him to punch without using Haki and Devil Fruit power on Battel Ship.

Aokiji vs Garp, One Piece manga chapter 1087

Next, we see both hitting each other on the face using Haki and a great explosion occurs on the Island, and then we see Koby screaming “Vice Admiral Garp” Then we see Garp lying on the Ground.

Pirate with Island-Island devil fruit tries to catch the Battleship which holds rescued Civilians and Slaves.

At the very end of the chapter Garp says to Koby “Don’t lose your head…!!” “Justice Will Prevail” 

One Piece Manga Chapter 1087 was Clifhangger.

I think there is a high possibility that Garp might die protecting Koby on the Island but to be honest, I think Koby is not worth saving if we have to lose Garp for that, and Our great ODA EIICHIRO might do something to make a sacrifice for saving Koby and it will Navy Hero Garp.

There is nothing we see about Aokiji after that fist attack but seeing the current situation Garp, He has to fight Aokiji just after getting stabbed in the belly, He would have lost a lot of blood in the process, I don’t want to see Garp dead in this situation, like come on It will shameful death for Garp to die on Island just because he wants to save Koby.

Let’s see what happens next in a new chapter 1088, which is going to release on 23 July.

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