Why Every Anime Fan Should Watch One Piece

One Piece is worth watching

Watching Anime is like a trend these days, Everyone from different age groups has started to watch Anime over the past 2-3 years. After completing every web series and movie out there to watch, people started shifting toward Anime, Which holds more action and an amazing story plot.

Many started watching Anime with Dragon Ball, Death Note, Attack on Titan, and Some legends started with High School DxD. But there is one thing they are not aware of or have misconceptions about the big 3 of Anime.

Big 3 Anime - One Piece, Naruto, Bleach

If you love watching Anime, you can’t ignore Big Three. 
One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are the one holding title Big Three in anime verse.
It means they are the reason why Anime become popular and their manga started in late 90s. 

People usually watch Naruto from Big Three and some watch Bleach but most of the new viewers have heard too many bad things about One Piece from the internet like it’s too long, it’s boring, mid-piece, etc.
but the people who share this kind of toxic comment are usually the ones who never watched One Piece for themselves.

Why many Naruto Fans Hate One Piece

One Piece memes - tube anime

When we are talking about Naruto Fans, we should keep one thing in our mind, they are mostly beginners and while watching long anime like Naruto they become obsessed and think no Anime is better than Naruto.

To be honest I used to think that for myself that Naruto is the best and there is nothing wrong with calling “Naruto” the best Anime Because Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are really best written. it’s not their fault but the fault of toxic influencers in social media:

Anime Community may look welcoming and entertaining from the outside but In reality, toxicity among Anime fans is higher than any group and fandom you can think of, The main reason for toxicity is social media creators on Instagram/Twitter/Youtube, and other platforms. They share and create posts and reels in such a way that it provokes fans of any Big Anime like Naruto and One Piece. 

It is the strategy to gain an audience and followers quickly by supporting one major Anime and disrespecting another one. Anime viewers are mostly young and they are easy to manipulate by hateful reels and posts. So they start hating other anime because one of the creators made hateful content on their favorite Anime. 

But if you are reading our article right now, You should unfollow all those toxic creators because they are giving you negativity and hatefulness for someone/something who has done nothing wrong to you.


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Why you should watch One Piece

As per our survey, We have found out that 90% of One Piece Viewers are those who have already finished Anime like Naruto, Bleach, Attack On Titian, Dragon Ball, and many more. So we can say One Piece viewers are veterans of the Anime Community. 

Reason to watch One Piece 

  • Best selling manga of all time 
  • Most popular anime series in the world
  • Only Anime in history to have 1000+ episodes and still on-going
  • Best Anime for motivation 

Need more reasons ?? 
Here you go in-depth

Zoro from One Piece

Zoro lost in another anime - memes

If you are watching anime for more than 1 month, then you must have seen green hair character named Zoro. Why do you see him in different anime edits, Well he can travel through Anime verse. I know you must be thinking about how a can character from One Piece travels in different anime. Simply put he gets lost on his way.

If someone is watching One Piece then he is a fan of either Zoro or Sanji, that’s the reality. 85% of One Piece fandom is a fan of Zoro and 15% of Sanji, But it doesn’t mean they hate Sanji but Zoro is just too good. He is considered the best side character in the whole Anime verse for being loyal, hardworking, and sigma.

Strawhat Pirates

In One Piece there are just too many characters worthy of admiration. You can take examples from Luffy’s crewmates like Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, and Robin. There are more crewmates but it will be a major spoiler if you know that but every single one of them will surely gonna entertain you.

Sooner or later your favorite anime girl will be Nami, Robin, or Boa, and possibly you will be a fan of the trio of best girls from One Piece. Still, there are many One Piece girls designed in such a way and style that will make you enjoy every episode.

One Piece Humour 

funny ussop and beaten luffy

One Piece’s early episodes have great humor and it will be a fun time for you to watch. Even in some serious fights and Arc, you will find entertainment.

But soon time will change and One Piece will start getting dark and serious, so I will recommend everyone to enjoy the pre-time skip episode and don’t skip any arcs. 

Hope you enjoy and laugh while watching OP.

Character development

One Piece has one of the best character development throughout the anime. Every single Luffy’s crewmate has glow up in the most stylish way possible. From Zoro’s muscle to Nami’s Milkbag, everything grows throughout the journey.

Luffy’s crew started from scratch and later they made a name for themself throughout the world. 

Not just Luffy and his crewmate but other important characters are also there in list of character development.

One Piece Fights 

While watching One Piece, viewers witnessed many great fights on equal ground. Equal ground represents power level, Every opponent Luffy has fought is stronger than him and he showed pure might as captain of crew to defeat the strongest.

You will love to witness Zoro and Luffy duo and the monster trio which includes Sanji. They are every bit of menace for opponents and showed us countless great fights.

I hope everyone who enjoys watching Anime watch One Piece, the only anime which trending for a decade in the number position in both Manga and Anime.

Respect for the creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode

You can watch One Piece episodes 1 to 1073+ on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and Netflix also. Consider purchasing any one subscription from mentioned name to watch high-quality One Piece episodes without ads.

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