Boruto Two Blue Vortex: New Design is Copy Of Zoro

Boruto Two Blue Vortex New Design

We receive a new Boruto Part 2- Two Blue Vortex Cover page design on 10 August, and Boruto fans were super excited after seeing the new and serious look of Boruto and now he looks more cool. Meanwhile, there were several posts saying Boruto’s New Design is a copy of the Iconic Zoro from One Piece.

Let’s take a look here 

As you can see there were several tweets saying the design is a copy of Zoro, but you can’t deny it does look inspired by Zoro. Her eye, seriousness, and even the way the sword he is holding.

Many Fans get offended by tweets and many accepted that it looks similar but one thing will not change, Boruto Two Vortex is about to make an entry on 20/21 August as per your timezone.

We have even covered the most of confirmed leaks and information in our mentioned article.
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The Controversy didn’t stop there and continued to Spread like wildfire. The offended Boruto fans sharing the following tweet.

And One Piece fan’s tweets was also Disrespectful, But both fandom are just on equal level in terms of hating and showing off to each other.

What do you have to say on this matter, You can share your thoughts in comment, and Let’s move on to Boruto Two Vortex.

There is one thing special about Boruto fandom, that readers of manga are super loyal and appreciative than Boruto Anime watchers. The obvious reason is the downfall of every best character from Naruto Shippuden and a lot of fillers with animation cost-cutting in many episodes, which impacted the Boruto Anime lovers and their number decreased over the time.

Boruto vs Kawaki is really an interesting battle to witness in Upcoming Two Blue Vortex and Fans are pumped about the Team Up of Sasuke and Boruto. Considering that Sasuke was super powerful in Shippuden but later he was Nerfed for some plot reason. But Now is the time for Sasuke to show his worthiness as “Shadow Hokage” of Hidden Leaf.

We know now for sure that Boruto has learned a lot from Sasuke while training and he must have mastered Sword in his guidance. We have also seen the new design showing sword in his hand.

One of the biggest threat is Eida with his Senrigan, Who will deal with her and stop her manipulation is also the biggest question here, We know how cunning she is and Kawaki is also her love interest. Hence, she will not refuse her words if he needs his help.

Time Skip Boruto is the most awaited by Fans, Is Boruto powerful enough to bring Hinata and Naruto from the time Dimension.

Remember the Date 20 August, 12 Am JST. the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will be released worldwide in translated language.

Where to read Boruto Two Blue Vortex 

You will be able to read manga on Viz Manga and Manga Plus website within a few hours of release time. And if you have any question remain you can ask us in the comment.

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