Luffy Gear 5 Actually Break the Internet but Animation was Disappointing

Luffy Gear 5 break the internet - One piece 1071 and 1072

We have noticed recently, that after the release of One Piece Gear 5 episode 1071, Dragon Ball lovers, Naruto/Boruto Lover, and other anime fandom is making fun of One Piece fans because their Gear 5 was unsuccessful to break the internet. Is it true that Luffy Gear 5 was unable to break the internet: The answer is NO, One Piece did break the internet, everything is covered up in the article.

Why One Piece fans are disappointed after watching Gear 5 episode

Luffy Gear 5 Animation

Why the majority of One Piece fans are not responding and Hyped about the episode? The reason is cartoonish/Goofy animation, including our tube anime team, had high expectations with Gear 5 episode but it was a total disappointment.

We only write what’s true and real in tube anime, so after asking many One Piece fans personally they feel the same and they were ashamed to speak about Gear 5 Animation. In reality, the animation of half the episode feels like fan animation to most viewers and only a portion of animation was worth seeing.

From 4:58 to 7:15 and From 18:36 to 19:07 and the ending part was clean and detailed.

That’s it, the rest was just Hiyori vs that Orochi snake and Luffy just jumping here and there and a fight scene which feels like fan animation, We even posted an Article on Fans are disappointed after watching Luffy Gear 5 Teaserwhere we explained to viewers that it is not fan animation but an official teaser of Gear 5 and the real animation in the episode will be 100X better.

But we were wrong, it was the same as Teaser, and after watching the Gear 5 episode I and all the other One Piece fans were disappointed to even talk about it to other anime fandom.

Even Zoro Vs King and Sanji Vs Queen had 10x better animation and fight goosebumps than episode 1071.

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Luffy Gear 5 Really Break the Internet – One Piece episode 1071

Luffy Gear 5 Break the Internet

Yes, it does break the internet In comparison to Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Naruto Brayan mode, the views of episode 1071 are high on a large scale, Reason is excluding India from the view count in official sites like Crunchyroll, Bilibili, and Hulu, etc.

Streaming One Piece in India is restricted by TOEI or maybe by the Indian government, it is not clear but there is not a single legal site in India streaming One Piece, so most Indian One Piece fans have to rely on pirated sites. So, the view counting doesn’t include Indians in One Piece.

If we don’t include the viewership from India, then Luffy Gear 5 and Goku’s Ultra Instinct are on the same level in terms of viewership but If we add the views which are not included from India, then One Piece Wins in viewership and also Breaking the internet on release date.

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One Piece Episode 1072 is the last hope

One Piece Episode 1072

If they have created the same Goofy-type animation in episode 1072, then it will be a total disappointment for One Piece fans and we can say TOEI animation didn’t prove their worth after creating the Hype about Gear 5.

Even if the Animation is Goofy but the fighting scenes are more detailed and clean then we can accept episode 1072. After all, we can’t criticize the TOEI animation because while animating the episode the animators were given instructions to create it like Toonly style/ vintage cartoon. 

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Where to watch One Piece episode 1072

I will suggest One Piece 1072 might not crash the server like the previous episode but, consider watching it from Crunchyroll and Funimation. they are the safest platform to watch any anime without worrying but data breaches which usually happen on Pirated sites.

Release date of One Piece Episode 1072

One Piece Episode 1072 is going to release on 13 August at 9:30 am JST. the title of the episode will be “The Ridiculous Power! GEAR 5 in Full Play“.


One Piece Gear 5 Luffy

If you are a One Piece fan, don’t be upset the Gear 5 might. have goofy animation but It did break the internet and I have seen that One Piece fandom is the funniest and more cheerful than the rest of the fandoms out there. So, relax and enjoy what TOEI is cooking, You might have a little dissatisfaction in your heart but One Piece is still carrying 2023. 

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