One Piece Episode 1071 Review – Fans are Screaming

One Piece Episode 1071 Review

The most awaited Episode In the History of Anime premiered today on 6 August which is considered to be black day for Japan, But after the release of this episode, it will remember as return of Joyboy.

Honest Reaction & Review of One Piece Episode 1071

At the beginning of Episode 1071, we saw Luffy transforming to Gear 5 just like we have seen in the teaser, and at that point, animation was looking fine with drums of liberation beating in the background giving a vibe.

Joyboy Smile

I saw this closeup scene of Luffy smiling many times in the episode and I think they should have shown full face instead of just showing a smile, it was not making sense when I am watching an episode, not a Teaser.

Sun God Nika - One Piece Episode 1071

Then we saw the reaction of Luffy’s friends when they realize, Luffy is alive. The scene of 5 Elders animation was super clean and the way they describe the Luffy’s devil fruit was giving me joy inside my heart.

Hiyori in episode 1071

While watching the Hiyori scene I truly felt how kind Oden was & how evil Orochi and Kaido were, They deserve beating and death for what they have done to innocent people of Wano Kuni, and the satisfaction I feel while watching Orochi burning on the ground was best.

But I really like the voice-over of Luffy in Episode 1071, It was dubbed perfectly by Mayumi Tanaka to give life to Gear 5 transformation.

Kaido vs Luffy Gear 5

Here are some plus points and minus points, While watching the fight between Luffy and Kaido, the Animation was really Guffy and I understand completely the theme of Gear 5 power is considered Ridiculese so animation was also in same to give a matching vibe.

But I don’t feel goosebumps at all, It was just a simple entertaining fight that shows Luffy laughing and moving here and there. In every previous episode of Luffy vs Kaido, we saw Luffy was serious about defeating Kaido and he was giving his 100% to beat him, we have Zoro vs. King and Sanji vs. Queen fight as an example of real goosebumps.

One Piece Episode 1071 received 9.0/10 Imbd Rating
As per people reviews out there, Many fans expected Episode to have god-level animation after marketing team was hyping Gear 5 this much but this made only Anime viewers upset.

Let’s wait for the next episode of One Piece 1072 to see the real fight and hope for little bit more serious battle than simply overpowering Gear 5.

No hate to One Piece or Animation, I have just given my honest review on One Piece Episode 1071.

Episode 1071 Crashed Crunchyroll Within 15 Minutes of Release

About One PieceĀ 

One Piece is the only Anime with 1000+ quality episodes and still ongoing, After the release of One Piece Wano Arc in 2018 many new fans started watching.

The story is about a boy named Monkey D Luffy who wants to be king of pirates just like Gold Roger. Former pirate king Gold Roger had accused everything this world has to offer and After meeting Shanks who was a former crew member of Gold Roger, Luffy started dreaming of becoming King one day. After eating the devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi, Luffy started training to set out in sea for himself and become “King of the Pirates”.

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