Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Part 2 | Review & Final Season


Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Part 2 has been released on Netflix and is available worldwide. 29 different language subtitles with dub and sub available and 5 episodes in total number has been released.

Match Highlights of Record of Ragnarok S2 Part2

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Review & Rating of Record of Ragnarok S2 Part 2

Buddha 10/10

Fight 9.5/10

English Dub 7/10 | Japanese Dub 8.5/10

Animation 7.5/10

Well after watching Record of Ragnarok season 2 part 2, I feel they have done an excellent job, and especially the backstory of both Zerofuku and Buddha was good.

Zerofuku has suffered so much and he was betrayed by the people he helped and take away their suffering and pain, It was really sad to watch a shameful act of humanity.

And Buddha even defeated the Hajun “Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven”

Respect ++ for Buddha.

If have missed the action of Record of Ragnarok season 2 part 2, Go watch it on Netflix.

HUMANITY – 3 | GOD – 3, Score is now at the draw and Winner takes all

Gods have decided to send Hades “The King Of the Underworld”

Hades - King of underworld

For Humanity, The King Of The Begining will be battling the Final battle for humanity

The king of the beginning

Record of Ragnarok Season 3 / Record of Ragnarok Final Season Release Date 

We can expect the season 3 or Final season of Record of Ragnarok to premier in early 2024. It is not confirmed by the studio but once we receive any Confirmation, The exact date will be updated.

Previous Match Results From Record of Ragnarok

Thor vs Lu Bu

Thor is the iconic Norse god who is seen accompanied by Mjolnir, a weapon of incredible power that even terrifies the gods themselves. Thor’s physical strength is absolute peak and he also possesses a thunderous force that allows him to use the weapon with total freedom. Beyond that, he also possesses incredible physical resistance, added to his natural divine powers, he really becomes a terrible threat.

Result of his combat: Victory.
Against whom? Lu Bu, the legendary commander from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms who really had no business against Thor. Through his hammer Mjolnir, Thor was WAY superior to Lu Bu at all times.

Sasaki Kojiro vs Poseidon

Sasaki Kojiro is a swordsman who is widely known as the biggest loser of all time. Sasaki Kojiro’s biggest strength beyond his obvious mastery of his katanas, was that every time he lost to someone he would go through an absolutely wild series of mental workouts. In his mind, he drew all kinds of possible battle scenarios and did not stop until he came up with a scene in which he is winning.

Result of his combat: Victory.
Against whom? Poseidon, although he could have clearly defeated Sasaki at first, ultimately ends up doing enough mental training to find the key to his victory against the god of the seas.

Shiva vs Tameemon

Shiva is the most powerful of the Hindu gods and in flashbacks to his story it is shown that he eventually surpassed over 1,100 different Hindu gods to become the strongest of them all. Shiva was whisper by the strength of all those who were defeated in the past as well as his experience in combat and that is why he was one of the most suitable gods to fight Tameemon Raiden, a martial arts fighter with surely the greatest strength of humanity.
But Shiva’s martial arts skills were tremendously powerful and the most fearsome thing about God was his ‘Tandava’ form. In this state in which he is able to create flames similar to the heat that arose in the post-Big Bang universe, he precisely has the ability to completely destroy and recreate any facet of reality from scratch. In this form of power, Shiva truly becomes a force of nature with thunderous destructive power.

Result of his combat: Victory.
Against whom? Tameemon Raiden, who able to destroy multiple of Shiva’s arms but Shiva has ridiculous physical strength and was ultimately unable to resist the power of Tandava Karma, being completely annihilated.

Adam vs Zeus

Adam, the human made in the image and likeness of the gods themselves and by the same logic the one that can truly be best measured face to face. Adam does not really have qualities that stand out at first glance especially since he has a physique that unlike others like Raiden or Lu Bu but it is not at all distinguished by musculature. Likewise, he also does not have lethal weapons like Jack the Ripper or Sasaki Kojiro.
Adam’s true power is hidden in his ‘ Divine Reflection ‘. This special technique of Adam is hidden in his eyes and what allows him is to copy and use every technique he sees. He is able to get even more out of the techniques that he copies than the original user himself. The main problem with using Divine Reflection is that it gradually wears down Adam’s vision, to the point that it can cause him to go blind.

Result of his combat: Defeat.
Against whom? Zeus, is the boss among all the gods in Record of Ragnarok. It must be said that Adam’s defeat comes mainly from the fact that his human physique reached its limit, both resisting blows and losing his vision. However, at the peak of his power, he managed to match and even surpass Zeus at times.

Jack The Ripper vs Hercules 

Jack The Ripper, is the legendary London serial killer who committed completely brutal murders. Given the context of him and the fact that he really was a threat to humanity itself, the humans themselves are shown to be conflicted with supporting him despite being their own candidate for him. But that doesn’t stop Jack the Ripper from giving his all in battle.
Although Jack the Ripper initially fights using all kinds of knives and daggers, since these types of weapons do not affect a God, he ends up obtaining a special power from the Valkyries that allows him to turn ANYTHING into a divine weapon. From a bottle cap to a drop of sweat – literally, everything within reach of Jack the Ripper’s special gloves automatically becomes a god-slaying tool.

Result of his combat: Victory.
Against whom? Hercules, who despite the fact that he came to put him against the ropes by using all the power of his Labors and was deceived by a ploy by Jack the Ripper that allowed him to pierce him with blood turned into a divine weapon.

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