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As we all know Vinland Saga season 1 was outstanding & everyone was so excited about watching season 2. Still, many people who watched season 1, were disappointed because our main character is now a slave working in Ketil’s farm.

Vinland saga Season 1 vs Vinland Saga Season 2

But the purpose of Vinland Saga season 2 was deep enough that without watching it till the end, you will not understand it.

The main reason for the majority of fans starts disliking and complaining about Vinland Saga season 2:

  • No fighting and Blood Shead
  • Seeing Thorfinn in a miserable state as a Slave
  • A slow-paced story unlike Season 1
  • More focused on Character development & World Building
  • Early episodes were focused on Einar and Farming
  • Thorfinn tolerating disrespect

I believe that the above-mentioned are major reasons for most fans’ disappointment.

But, I and other percentages of people know that Vinland Saga Season 2 is going to be an absolute peak and it was.

My Honest Review On Vinland Saga Season 2 –

  1. Animation 9.5/10
  2. Story 10/10
  3. Voice | Dub 5/10 | Sub 9/10
  4. Characters 9/10

Vinland Saga - Popular line "I have no Enemies"

To be completely honest the only new-generation anime with this kind of storyline is Vinland Saga.

I request you to watch it for yourself because there is a good plot and storyline ahead, Don’t drop anime in the early episode and keep watching, trust me you will see a different mindset and message from all anime out there.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Darkest (NTR?) Moment – SPOILERS

Einar has a crush on Arnheid and she is also a slave of Ketil & Arnheid was happy to talk with Einar and likes him as a personArnheid - Vinland Saga Season 2. Einar was thinking, Once he gets his freedom back and Arnheid gets his freedom, they can be together, But Arnheid is Ketil’s favorite slave and serves him every night, She can never get her freedom back. I feel bad for Einar but hold on it’s just the beginning, A Slave kills his master and runs away and Arnheid calls him by his name Gardar & Turns out he is Arnheid’s Husband who was also sold as a slave after losing in the war.

Now the darkest part starts, Gardar was heavily injured due to the fight he has fought to escape and Hebi (Snake) captures him, We learn about the past of Arnheid, She had a beautiful family with one child named Hjalti but one wrong decision of his Husband going to war change everything and She ends up being a slave of Ketil.

Arnheid is carrying a baby of his master Ketil and she is telling this story to Thorfinn and Einar.

Now she wants to run away with his Husband and they do get a horse and carriage to run away & in the middle of their escape, his husband dies in his arms due to all those injuries and loss of blood.

Now his master Ketil is back from tour and he finds out about this escape story & he loses his temper and beats Arnheid so badly that she falls unconscious.

Thorfinn and Einar get their freedom back and they take Arnheid with them while escaping. When She gets his conscious in the middle of their escape and tells thank you to Einar and Thorfinn for what they have done for her and for always supporting her, she tells he has lost his baby in belly due to beating and her husband Gardar and his son is waiting for her on the other side and she becomes unconscious.

Einar finally reveals his true feeling and tell her “I love you, I need you Please don’t go” but it is too late and she is dead.

Vinland Saga Season 1 Summary and Ending

During his first six years, Thorfinn lived humbly with his family in a small Norse coastal village. When a Jomsviking ship under the command of Lord Floki landed in his village then he discovered that his father, Thors Snorrisson, was once a famous warrior feared by all and a member of the Jomsvikings nicknamed “Troll of Joe”.

Though despising violence, the latter found himself compelled by Floki to join the campaign of the invasion of England, in which the Jomsvikings were to take part.

With the help of his friend, the tar Leif Erikson, Thors sailed to England. On their way, they were attacked by the pirates of a certain Askeladd. They ultimately manage to kill Thors with cunning, under the eyes of Thorfinn, who had intimately embarked on his father’s boat.

Thorfinn promised he would kill Askeladd and joined his Warband to take revenge. After spending years with Askeladd team, Thorffin becomes cold hearted who doesn’t feel sympathy for anyone. In exchange for missions he completes for Askeladd, he earns the right to face him in a fair duel but finds himself defeated every time.

Towards the end of 1013, Askeladd’s band found themselves in the middle of a power struggle for the Danish throne. A few weeks earlier they decided to take part in the battle with Danish army to siege London, a city almost impossible to enter because of the great Thorkell and his men to protect the border and fight the strongest who try to enter.

At Askeladd’s command, Thorfinn was assigned with taking Thorkell’s leadership, but he failed hugely in the face of his opponent’s monstrous strength. Faced with the repeated failures of his army, King Sweyn decides to continue his trip, leaving the task of holding the siege to his inexperienced son, Prince Knut. And then Thorkell finally attacked the besiegers and captured the prince and his bodyguard.

Askeladd immediately saw the benefits he could reap by saving the prince and made plans to retrieve Knut from Thorkell, who had set off in pursuit of the Danish army. Cunning by their leader, the gang manages to save Knut again. Little did Askeladd know, that he would discover a shy, frail, and harmless young man, too preoccupied with his protector, Ragnar, and utterly incapable of becoming king.

In order to seed Thorkell’s army, vastly outnumbering his own, Askeladd managed to take his band to Wales, his original home, where he has allies where they cannot be pursued. Then they take the road to Gainsborough, which is on Danish-controlled territory. Unfortunately, winter arrives sooner than expected, forcing the small squad to take a shortcut and invade directly into the heart of enemy territory.

They stop in a village where they butcher the entire population for a while. Askeladd forced Knut to take leadership and grow. But a lone surviving villager will lead them to their doom and alert Thorkell’s army to the whereabouts of that army. Learning that Thorkell is on his way, Askeladd and his men incontinently renew the march. However, discord begins to emerge in the troop, with the majority of warriors no longer considering their leader’s plan to be beneficial.

When Thorkell’s army catches up with them, they turn against Askeladd and demand that the prince be handed over to their pursuers to save his life. Askeladd gives order to Thorfinn and Bjorn to protect Kanut. But Thorfinn’s only goal was to vengeance than anything, leaving Bjorn alone to cover Napoleon from a group of hunters. He manage to triumph over most of them but will come out badly injured.

When Thorfinn reunites with Askeladd, Thorkell’s army has joined them and is slaughtering the gang except for their leader. Thorfinn then challenges Thorkell to a duel for Askeladd’s life. The young man manages to severely injure his huge opponent and win. Then everyone gets supposed to see Kanut’s reappearance.

During his escape, witnessing Bjorn’s struggle, thanks to the words of the priest Willibald who accompanied him, the prince had a revelation and gained the majesty he lacked. Now desirous of taking over the throne from his father, King Sweyn, Knut manages to enlist Thorkell’s army and Askeladd, who becomes a wise advisor in the future.

At the beginning of 1014 Canute finally reached Gainsborough with his new allies. After seeing his new Aura, his father understands the situation has changed and he is here to take his crown away. A game of fine strategists started between the two camps. Sweyn offers Knut to join him in York, where a grand banquet is being held to celebrate the conquest of England in the presence of the most powerful Danish lords. Against all expectations, the fight between the king and his son ends during this banquet.

Sweyn announces to his army that he plans to foray into Wales, important to Askeladd’s dismay. When Knut tries to stop him, the monarch promises to spare his native nation in exchange for killing Knut. Faced with this cruel dilemma, Askeladd sees only one result to kill himself. He then kills the king to everyone’s fears, making his act look like one man show. Thorfinn not being present at banquet, was signal for crowd to leave the place.

He tried to join Askeladd who defeated all the guards who attacked him but Thorffin was too late and by he arrived, Knut seriously wound Askeladd who is breathing for the last time in his arm. He was mad, angry, and in pain because his sole purpose of life was disappearing.

Then Thorffin attempts to kill Knut but he failed to kill him while Knut, hailed as a hero by the audience for killing the kingslayer, seizes the crown, Thorfinn is dragged from the palace and sold as a Slave.

I am here just speechless and I want all of you guys to share your thought and opinion about Vinland Saga S1 and S2 in the comments.

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