Top 5 Underrated Manga – Must Read Now


There are many underrated manga and anime which deserve their potential readers and viewers to watch, read and enjoy. If you want to know about underrated anime you can check out our recommendation.

I have mentioned the Top 5 underrated manga which deserves more readers


1. Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Image

( Action  · Comedy )

Sakamoto Days is a manga series written & illustrated by Yuuto Suzuki.

In the story, our main character Taro Sakamoto a former legendary hitman decided to quit his old life as a hitman when he falls in love with a convenience store lady named Aoi.

Sakamoto personality changes after marrying Aoi and now he is living a life as an owner of store, but as we know past can never disappear completely and his past keeps coming back to haunt him.

Sakamoto has become a kind and gentle man who loves his family and friends. He is a skilled and ruthless killer who is ready to use his former hitman skills to protect the people he loves and cares about.

This is the story of the manga Sakamoto Days and manga has been praised for humor, action, and beautiful moments.

Sakamoto Days is compared with popular manga like Gintama and Assassination Classroom.

2. Fire Punch

Fire Punch manga img

( Action · drama · Mystery · psychological · Supernatural · Thriller )

Fire Punch is a manga written & illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

In Fire Punch Story there is a man named Agni ( following name Agni is from India and Agni means Fire) who has the ability to regenerate from any injury, and he lives in a world where the sun is burning constantly.

Agni is on the search for the “Eternal Flames” that can cure his sister’s illness.

A man named Dama destroyed the village of Agni with his ability to control fire. But Agni is still alive because of her ability to regenerate and he is the only survivor of the tragedy, Agni is now on a journey to find Doma in order to get revenge for destroying his village.

The story goes on like this and he meets new people and learns more about the nature of “Eternal Flames.”

Fire Punch manga is dark and filled with violence but the story is very interesting and it will keep you in a hook.

And I think Fire Punch is a very underrated manga and deserves good attention.

3. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss underrated manga


( Action · Adventure · Drama · Fantasy · Mystery · Sci-Fi )

Made in Abyss is written & illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi.

The story starts with the boy name Riko, a young  orphan who lives in the town called Orth, which is located on the edges of The Abyss

The Boy has a dream to become a “Delver” ( you can say it means a cave raider or adventure or explorer ) like her mother and solve the mystery of The Abyss.

In this manga, you will see the nature of the Abyss and how dangerous it is. The abyss is the place where people lose their humanity.

You will see the good old Power of Friendship between Riko and Reg.

You can read to find out the story of Reg, I don’t want to spoil you

Hope is everything in Abyss and Our main character and his friends will lose their Humanity or Hope? Read it to find out

If you find the story I mentioned interesting go and read the manga I highly recommend you and Yes you can even watch the anime adaption.

4. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro img

(Action · Comedy · Horror · Fantasy · Sci-Fi)

Dorohedoro manga is written & illustrated by Q Hayashida.

Dorohedoro is a pretty Underrated Manga for such an intriguing story

Our story starts with the Caiman, a man with Lizard Head and he is searching for the sorcerer who cursed him.

He lives in a city called “The Hole” and it is inhabited by Humans & Sorcerers.

But the Sorcerers use humans as guinea pigs for their own experiments and results and our Caiman is one of the victims of sorcery.

And later Caiman teams up with Nikaido a girl waitress who runs dinner in the city The Hole. And together they try to find the sorcerer who cursed Caiman and teach him some lesson.

I have described the story and If you find it interesting then Good you can go and enjoy the masterpiece.

5. Holyland

Holyland manga

( Martial Arts )

Holyland manga is written and illustrated by Kouji Mori.

If you are interested in street fighting, this manga will surely be best for you

The story starts with Shougo a boy who is drawn into the world of street fighting. His initial motivation was to protect himself from the bullies.

But soon he realizes that now he is into violence and the danger of underground fights and then he teams ups with a group of other fighters

That’s the overview of the story and the art style of manga is very realistic and detailed. if you are looking for something different than the usual shonen then give it a try.

I hope you guys can read and enjoy the underrated manga which has great potential and Story. I will be recommending more good anime & manga so make sure to bookmark our website for future reference. 

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Thanks for Reading & Share your thought in the comment.

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