Know The Story of “Under The Oak Tree” Before Reading


Let’s Talk About Manhwa “Under The Oak Tree”

Under The Oak Tree is Fantasy Romance Manhwa & It is the adaptation of the web novel of the same name by Kim Suji.

I will not tell you the whole story from start to end, I will just pottery you the story and it will help you understand if the manhwa “Under The Oak Tree” is our cup of tea or not Because manhwa is all about enjoying the work of art, color, detail and plot. I can’t spoil you, my friend

Story of Manhwa Under The Oak Tree


Our story starts with Maxi, a proud noblewoman who is forced to marry Riftan, the commander of the Rendragon Knights. [ well it is fantasy manhwa so you will see all things like magic, monster, kingdom & all fantasy-related things ]

Riftan is a powerful and respected knight in the kingdom, but he is also the one people feared the most for being cold and ruthless.

Well it is obvious if someone has this kind of title and you have to marry that person, You will hesitate but you can’t do anything to oppose a noble or I can say cruel father’s decision and she gets married to Riftan.

maxi from under the oak treeBut Maxi’s point of view change towards Riftan after finding out he is completely different person from what people imagine him and she slowly falls in love with his kindness and strength.

However, their happiness only remains for a short period when Riftan was forced to leave on a military campaign.

After three years, Riftan return to Maxi but wait he is not the same person Maxi remembers. He has lost his emotions and struggling to control his violent nature.

Now Maxi has to find a way to help Riftan heal from his trauma, while also dealing with her own insecurities and fear. 

While helping each other out their love and bond grow stronger, But is it enough to overcome the obstacles in their way?

There are many secrets and stuff you have to find and assume while reading the Manhwa.

I just want to say, it is a must-read for fans of fantasy romance manhwa. The story of Under The Oak Tree is really full of twists and turns that keep you guessing.

The artwork is very beautiful and detailed.

There are over 64+ chapters and its ongoing series started in 2020.

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